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Hi Cathy. I have PET due to a surgical slip-up in removing a pseudo-tumor in the lower right sinus area. This was done at Johns Hopkins. Been monitoring your comments for a while. I've tried PatulEnd and Chinese tea. The e-tube closes at night when lying don and I can press it closed. Mostly I hold my breath when listening, Am interested in the premarin. Where can I find out more about it? What is is? Side effects? Risks? Source(s)?

Hopkins just said they can't help me with treatment and recommends Dr. Poe. Seeing him sounds like mission impossible, but I'll try. Thanks, Tom
I haven't posted here for a very long time. It never ceases to amaze me how there are more and more people coming forward about this life-affecting condition.
I still see Dr Seilesh Babu at the MI Ear Institute in Farmington Hills MI (near Detroit). My most recent treatment was in May of '09. I had Cymetra (a kind of collagen)injected into one ear and a cartilage graft into the other with Cymetra. The Cymetra is not permanent but has been effective for me in alleviating the ET going into patency and thus the autophony. (I've had the condition for 23 years. It wasn't 24/7 but very frequent occurrences lasting hours.) I've had one event in that ear since May so far. Unfortunately the Cymetra seems to become absorbed over time. But it helps quite a bit so far. The other ear had a cartilage transplant, taken from the area right above the earlobe. Multiple very small slices or inserted into the wall of the ET which thicken it. Except for the ETs opening briefly when I swallow hard or sometimes yawn, they have not spontaneously opened since the surgery.I also can hear a click and feel the ET open and close when I swallow. So far so good. Someone who goes to the same doctor had autophony 24/7 and she had the cartilage surgery about the same time and has had no recurrence. He has found this best for people who have PET all the time, but has helped me greatly. He's warm, caring and compassionate and is the only doctor in this area who does this. I don't know if he would be any closer for anyone.

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