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went to the doc today and had the packing removed today, which was kinna uncomfy, slightly painful, and a little weird all at the same time. I had a gel pack in so it had to be suctioned out, it's like putting the dentist suction tube in your ear. Made me kinna dizzy while he was doing it, painful but tolerable at times. The whole procedure took about 10 min, he did the tuning fork thing on my head and on my teeth, told me I was healing fine, and to come back for a full hearing test in a month. He didn't take the 2 or 3 stitches that I still have and I'm gonna call about that cause I don't know if the are going to fall out but from feeling on them they feel like they have to be taken out, hmmmm....

Still have no real tatse, but he said in about 90 days the taste should come back. He said after another week I can start to do light work outs but nothing to do with weights until I see him. No blowing of my nose, try not to cough, or do sudden movements. My hearing is surprisingly better even though it my ear hasn't "popped" yet, feels like when u go up in the plane the pressure, not pain, but you will want to try and manually pop it....don't, he said it will do it on it's own, and I have had little pops, but not the big one.

There's the update, I'll let u all know about the stitches

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