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Hi David,

I had my stapedectomy done yesterday, April 20th. I too heard some crackling and sloshing as you described- later in the day of the surgery, and a little last night. I'll let you know how long it persists.

I had very minor side effects from the surgery, and I was under general anesthesia. Very little pain, no dizziness, and only a very slight metallic taste on the left side of my tongue that is barely noticeable.

It is hard to tell how much hearing I have recovered since that ear is stuffed with swabbing and probably gunk. If anything it feels like I LOST a little hearing between yesterday and today, which I hope is just due to swelling or grime buildup. Did you (or any other reader) notice something like this? Or did you notice a marked hearing improvement right away?

I was told by the doc the prosthetic could fall out, and also that the inner ear fluid could leak and kill the hairs in the inner ear, causing total hearing loss. This has me freaked out because of the sloshing sound (which I think was blood, since the swab was bloody after I changed it yesterday and last night).

Anyway, I learned I had this problem at MEPS and can't finish my enlistment if I can't get a better hearing score. Hopefully it works! Good luck with your recovery and keep in touch.

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