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Preface: since i'm new - i didn't do a search for this subject and I hope this isn't [I]too[/I] long. :)

Hello!! Introducing myself - I'm 30 years old and my name is Keri-Ann.
I've had ear issues (tubes and infections) since around the age of 7 which is when I underwent tube surgery for the first time - in those 23 years I've had so many ear infections I couldn't count if I'd tried...

I am having a tympanoplasty and a mastoidechtomy this July to help repair my eardrum and remove scar tissue in my right ear. My eardrum is so messed up that basically half of it is one big hole and the other half is all scar tissue. My ear drum is also about 15 times thicker than a normal person's ear. :(

I've always had ringing in my ears to some degree - but lately it has gotten worse and worse and to the point that i want to hit myself in the ear with a hammer to make it go away!!! :eek:

Ok - so I won't [I]really[/I] do that - but it's that bad. I'm in the process of trying to get a hearing aid (i'm at maybe 50% hearing in my ears) but my insurance won't pay for it so I'm trying to go through vocational rehab...which could take 5 - 6 months. :(

Allright - now that I've said all of that, my question is about the tinnitus. I saw yesterday, after doing a google search, that some people use Lipo-Flavonoid to help with the ringing. I actually had a doc's appointment today and he had some in his office so he gave me the bottle - but he also prescribed Nortriptyline for me to take at night. Does anyone here take Lipo-Flavonoid OR Nortriptyline? I'd just like some opinions on how well it works...

Seriously - as I type this right now my ear is driving me up the wall!!!! In my right ear I have a very low hum-like ringing yet in my left ear it's a high pitched ringing...and like I said - it's just getting worse and worse and worse. :(

Also - not to make this a long post - but does anyone else's hearing issues affect their work and home life? I know I've always had ear issues but it's really only been the past year that it's really gotten bad and that I've really stopped to realize how much it affects my home life and work life. My husband - last year - started to think I hated his friends because I never wanted to hang out with them...when the truth of the matter is I don't like going out because I can't hear anything anyone is saying (we'd normally hang out at a loud bar) and I can't keep saying, "sorry what was that? what'd you say?" He's finally realized how this is really all due to my hearing loss.

Sometimes - I feel like I'm looking at someone, trying to have a conversation, yet all I hear is the ringing in my ears and their mouth is moving but no sound is coming out because all I can do is concentrate on the ringing inside my
head...and I almost feel like an idiot. :(

...This is the same thing at the past few months it's gotten so bad that I seriously feel "anti-social" and I'm afraid to go for a new position that is much more "client-based" because I'm terrified of not being able to hear them and always having to ask them to repeat themselves...I did actually get passed over for a position due to the fact that they thought I was "not a people person" which made me really look to my hearing issues and realize that THAT'S the reason I [I]don't[/I] talk to a lot of people is because it's physically/mentally exhausting when I can't hear them!!!!!

So anyways - I apologize for this being so long, but I guess I'm just really hoping there is someone out there who understands what I'm going through...

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