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Hi all, I wanted to update everyone on a few things.

As you all know, I had my left ear done back in June. I just had a hearing test and I actually lost high range, but gained some low and midrange (as described in my earlier post).

I went forward on the right ear and it is night and day! I will be having a revision surgery on my left ear.

Right Ear Experience - 9/9/09
Well, the surgery took about 2.5 hours as we ran into some issues. The anvil bone had an upward force instead of a downward force on the stapes. What this meant was that as the stapes was removed, the prosthesis that was available was too short (actually needed a 4.75 or 5mm) and none were readily available in Texas at the time. So the doctor went ahead and used part of my stapes and extended the prosthesis. There is very good evidence that too short of a prosthesis was used on my left ear and the reason for a possible revision.

For the first couple of days I heard better out of my right ear then my left ear which was a great sign. After about 6-7 days (9-17), the steroids given during surgery wore off and everything closed up due to swelling. Around (9-21) things opened back up and everything is so loud in my right ear I can definately tell a huge difference already. It is funny I am asking people to talk into my right ear because my left ear is just not up to par (even though it was already worked on).

I had NO vertigo/dizziness after the surgery (aside from vomitting after surgery, I do it everytime :-() but after about 1 week, it started to kick in. I still feel a bit light headed and woosy sometimes but it gets better everyday.

My right ear healed so much better then my left and they are completely night and day. Things are so ear piercing right now, I have had great results with my right ear! I am still improving everyday as the packing on the inside of the ear is dissolving but this is great!

I give much props to my doctor on discovering the issue with the right ear, and I hope that it is the case for the left ear. As you may know, my doctor had to deal with an artery on my left ear, so he could have easily overlooked it when he was dealing with the issue.

I have had no ringing, no major hearbeating (1-2 days after surgery is all). Things are great!!! If you have any specific questions, let me know.

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