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I am day six post-surgery. Overall my recovery has been much easier than I anticipated. Having read everyone elses horror stories and also great outcomes really helped me feel ready for surgery. Thanks to all who have shared their stories!

I was miserable in the actual recovery room, I had general anesthesia and also versed (ak happy juice) before surgery. When I woke up I was in excruciating pain. I ended up receiving morphine and that did the trick. Before the morphine it felt like someone was stabbing an ice pick into my brain on that side. It scared the crap out of me and my husband because I've had 2 babies with no drugs! I definitely think the pain of this recovery in the first couple hours was worse than child birth. By the time I came home a few hours later I was good though. I did use Vicodin for the first 36 hours but by the second night home, slept fine without it. Since then I've had no pain. Just the popping, and fullness everyone else describes. I call mine "crunching" because to me it sounds like a crackling paper or plastic bag. I can tell you the showering with a gunked up cotton ball in my ear isn't fun either, I'm paranoid the entire time that I might get water in my ear.

I am a fulltime student so yesterday I went back to school (day 5). I couldn't believe how loud the classroom was! It was comforting in some ways, because I could actually hear but also overwhelming too. When I went to use the restroom and the hand dryer was on I thought I would scream. Overall, I can't believe how good I feel. I did really take it easy until day 5. I have had no dizziness except a slight shift in equilibrium when I stood up the first 2 days. Other than that, I can't believe how great I feel. It makes me wish I had gone through with this surgery 5 years ago when my doc first recommended it. (In reality I wasn't ready then though so I think my decision was made at the right time for me. I was way tos cared of the surgery until a few months ago when I realzed I couldn't go on asking everyone to repeat themselves all the time. I'm a teacher candidate and in the elementary classroom I really noticed how hard it was to hear the little voices.)

I am anxious to go back to the doc and see what he removes from me ear. Today it feels especially crusty in there and that is less than pleasant. Other than that ( and the crackling everytime I swallow) I feel like a new woman. I would do it again without any hesitation.

By the way, my doc has not done thousands of these surgeries but he was appropriately cautious. I felt comfortable that he would not do something risky if there was any nerve contact with my stapes. Also, he told me that new docs aren't even learning this procedure (they are in the process of hiring at his office and the younger guys they've interviewed don't do it). He also mentioned a possible correlation between the measles vaccine and this condition because since the vaccine has been changed, they are seeing less and less otosclerosis. Anyone else hear anything about this?

Anyway, overally I'm thrilled. I know it will still take some time for my hearing to stabilize but I am feeling good about the results. I know I'm barely post operative but I feel like I got the results I hoped for and was blessed with an easy recovery.

Thanks again for sharing all your stories!

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