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I'm about 15 hours into my recovery after my stapedectomy and I wanted to share my experience. First off, my surgeon Dr. Luxford at House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles was amazing. I felt totally confident in his ability and all the nurses at St. Vincent Hospital were wonderful! Just wanted to put the plug in for them in case anyone is looking for a place to go.

The surgery itself was...a little uncomfortable. No pain really, but I was quite awake and aware since they didn't seem to use much to sedate me. I remember the surgery quite well and it was loud and somewhat disconcerting, but nothing I couldn't handle, and the dr. was really good at warning me when things would be loud, etc. Afterward I was definitely a little dizzy, but that went away completely in the recovery room after a little over an hour. So far I have absolutely no dizziness, no nausea, no taste disturbances (a lot of people reported things tasting metallic - none of that here), BUT definitely quite a bit of pain afterward. I find it interesting that a lot of people report nausea and vertigo and no pain, but my experience was just the opposite. I had a mild earache that got progressively worse in the recovery room - nothing excrutiating, but enough to keep me from getting much needed rest. It was like a dull earache combined with shooting pains here and there and lots of throbbing, whooshing heartbeat in my ear, etc. They gave me a bit of morphine, but that only helped minimally. After getting home this afternoon I took a Darvocet and got a few hours of sleep and the pain was gone after I woke up! It's coming back here and there, but I think if I keep on the pain meds it'll be gone in a few days.

As far as my hearing out of that year - I could hear when the dr. put the prosthetic in, but he never tested it, never whispered anything in my ear, etc. I don't feel like I have "bionic hearing" like so many others have said, and loud noises don't bother me at all (aside from the pain in my ear). Maybe my recovery is a bit different because I only started to lose my hearing in that ear a couple of years ago and it never got to a level where my brain would be shocked by hearing things in that ear again at a normal volume. At any rate, I'm happy things have gone as well as they have (so far - I know I have a ways to go!) and I'll update on my progress as I go along.

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