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I am a 32 y/o male. no hx of hearing loss on either side of my family.

I spent 7 years in the army as an infantryman...before that got a bachelors in music(vocal performance)..

anyway, got out about 2 years ago. this is when the issue started.

it plays out like this. I will be sitting in the car or house with my headphones on, and all of a sudden, when I encounter a certain range of frequencies(havent pinned exactly which ones yet) my left ear gets very isnt a ringing or popping, but sounds exactly like the noise one gets when plugging an electric guitar cable into the amp...the sound BEFORE the plug is all the way in, before a full connection has been made...or like the sound you get with an old stereo that has bad potentiometers, when you turn the knob ,,crackle.....real static-y .... I also get this sensation like there is some sort of pressure anomaly in my ear....hard to explain..

heres the REALLY strange part.

my hearing is phenomenal, off the charts good. I can hear up to about 23kHz easily in both ears(my ears are equally good), and the instrument they use to calibrate pressure in the ears....also gave me a passing grade(with flying colors)

so my hearing is amazing, really, really good.....but yet I have this strange static sound in one ear!!

oh yeah, my ear drum is fine, no damage, no wax buildup....

it is really, really annoying to just want to listen to music and have that goal crushed by this static in my left ear..


I've been to two ENTs .... one VA one local fee based provider that the VA authorized.

any ideas? yall seen anything like this?

I am desperate...if nothing else maybe someone could steer me toward a very well respected ENT/Audioology specialist in NC or SC??? I am desperate here. I am a full time professional musician.....ears acting strange== pay gets cut and I dont get as many gigs...


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would really like to chat with someone about this!

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