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I had this problem in my right ear (static, kind of painful noise when I'm around loud noises or have a lot of background noise). It arose in that ear in college when I got an ear infection... I dealt with it for a few years, finally went to an ENT that said my eardrum was fine...then took a second look and found a VERY small perforation in it. He said I could live with it or look into fixing it, and I let the problem go because it was manageable.

Now, just 2 days ago, the exact same thing on my left ear. I had a head cold and blew my nose and felt air going into my ear. I am assuming that I ruptured my eardrum again. I still have pressure-type sensations in this ear and am still having some lingering illness symptoms, but I am NOT going to deal with this in both ears. I could manage in one but in social places I simply could not survive if this is permanent.

With all of this discussion, I wonder if this is really a problem with sinus passages and/or perforated drums? There are a LOT of people with identical problems and a LOT of specialists that shrug it off.

Just a thought--but let me know what any of you find with respect to diagnosis and treatment!

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