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Recent Stapedectomy
Sep 24, 2009
I had a stapedectomy done a week ago (9/17/09) on my left ear. Besides horrible naseau and dizziness in the recovery room, I have not had any horrible effects.

I took the Antiobiotics and Codeine that were prescribed and I have been feeling pretty good. The last 3 days i have a lot of muffling in my left ear and it feels very full and very itchy. I had my post op appt yesterday but my MD had a surgical emergency so I ended up seeing her PA. She vacuumed out some of the packing that was visible in the canal but instructed me that the packing inside of the ear would need to be removed in 3 weeks.

I go back to work on Monday the 28th but I totaly feel like i can not hear at all in that ear from all the sounds, muffling and fullness. The PA prescribed me antiobiotic ear drops to use for a week before my next post op appt. She said it would help dissolve the packing.

From reading most of the posts on this board, I do realize that this is very common however, I am really nervous that this constant feeling of fullness will not subside. It almost feels as though my ear needs to pop but just wont! My question is will i actually feel my ears pop or because of the packing will this not happen naturally until my next appt to remove the packing? Does anyone know if chewing gum helps? i dont want to do anything that i shouldnt since i have been recovering quite well.

Also, I have 3 kids and as most of you know 3 kids = constant work. When will it be safe for me to start cleaning around the house etc? i am almost scared to do anything since i dont want to risk it.

Appreciate any feedback that can be offered!!

Thank you!

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