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Hi, feast.
As you probably read the funny taste and frozen tongue should fade away gradually. Mine is getting less noticeable. I was light headed too on and off, not dizzy, sorry.
My pain comes and goes and also seems to get less as the days go on.

My tinnitus ringing disappeared for a good few days after the op then appeared back. I also had it before the op. Its maybe now not as loud as it used to be which is good. I also read on hear that it could get even less noisy or even disappear once the hearing comes back. I am not too worried if it stays with me as I would happily live with it as long as the hearing comes back.

My own loud "voice in my head" came back and has stayed with me so far. Some days it appears louder. I think its the packing in the ear still not dissolved properly. I also read on this forum that hearing your own voice is a good sign. Signs of major dizzyness and lots of blood from the ear would be bad and to contact the hospital right away.

Before your op if you couldn't hear your voice very well without the aid, but can now I would think its a good sign...even if its gone away it will come back.
Before the op my head voice sounded muffled when I spoke. Its now quite clear when I speak (in my head only). I still have hearing on my right ear with some loss so I am lucky that i only used the aid on the operated ear.

I thinks its still too early for you to to worry and everything appears normal which is good. I am finding that being patient is the only way to go. Once things settle down inside your ear I am sure you will feel things are moving forward.... maybe slowly, but forward is the word I like to use.
My hearing hasn't came back as such, just a slight improvement. I am still waiting for the "ear to open" as some describe it on here. Once you get the packing out i am sure you will find some improvement even if its very tiny. I've been scratching the cotton ball in my ear which appears quite loud even through all the packing so I am taking that as a good sign too. Let me know if you hear that too. I have to change the cotton each time I add in antibiotic drops.
Most seem to get hearing right away and state its too loud.
Hopefully you will experience that too. How long before the packing comes out?

I'm sorry that your operated ear is the aid one as that must cause you added stress regards your job.
Were you given a time to go back to work from your surgeon? Does your work involve lifting weights or an office type? Even using an elevator can cause your operated ear problems and might stop if from working.
Make sure you get all the proper info from the surgeon if he hasn't already given you it.
I've been off work 3 weeks and 2 days so far and still have normal discharge from my ear.
I have heavy lifting to do at work so I am lucky that I am able to take the time off. Ask your employer if you can have your annual holidays if they wont pay you when you are off ill. At least that will give you time to relax.

Do you plan to get your other ear done or does that one have sensory problems instead?
Have look around the forum and see what everyone else is saying and ask them too. That's what we are all here for....we all have had this op and all know how you feel.
Keep in touch.... be patient...easier said than done, I know it only too well :)

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