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Its done. Back home now feeling pretty good all and all. Not to much pain in my ear and I not dizzy. The exception is that I have a MAJOR headache. Starting some movies soon :)

After the operation I was hoping I would be able to hear before the selling kicked in. But nothing.

Thanks for the replies. How is your hearing now arronsteve?
hey again..well i did start a new thread and somehow i can't find it!! Hope you don't mind if I post here or ask a question or two if they arise. It is now 3 days post surgery and i'm a little dizzy, not at all bad, just have to move slowly or i feel woozy...i'm wondering if it is more from just lying around than the procedure? Still feel pulse in ear, no drainage, but I do have cotton balls in i to change them daily? does not say on any paperwork i received. They gave me a bunch of directions in recovery but i was in no way able to retain that information. I am on an antibiotic 4x a day but i've had no need for the vicodin and only took one nausea pill as a precaution the first night. No change in taste here either as Steve is experiencing. All in all i feel pretty good....just wonder if it worked, will i hear??? So packed up can't tell. More later;)
post away! :) "my thread is your thread" --- Kind of nice having someone going through the surgery at the same time. So lets share it K?

As of this posting I am 5 days out from the surgery. Went back to work for the first time today.

My doctor said I only needed to keep the bandage on for the first few days and to change it daily. I still have it on because I can see blood on the cotton ball when I change it. I figure I will keep the dressing on as long as notice blood. ....if anyone else has insight on this please chime in! :D

I was a bit dizzy on a few days after the operation as well. Just the smallest amount, but dizzy none the less. It seemed to correspond to when I had overdone it the night before. I also noticed that if I had a beer or glass of wine it seemed to make me feel a bit "off". (and I am off of pain pills only had them for the first 36 hours)

I have not heard much yet either. Hearing in the operated ear ear seem to off and on for a moment or two (usually in the morning) -- but its never really clear. I guess thats pretty normal due to the swelling, packing and what not.
I am not ignoring anyone, just trying to share this experience and get some insight about how others have faired. I have no idea where my other thread is...I won't post often...ok mmsic(hope i got that right) ok so now i am 3 days out of surgery. I have not used any of the pain killers, just tylenol the first night. I dont feel very dizzy at all, just a little unsteady when i move. I called dr. office to make my 2 week appointment and they said to keep this packing in for 2 weeks????!!! Seems as if i should change it, dont you think? I would say the most bothersome thing (and it really isnt even that bad) is hearing my pulse in my ear constantly, but hey, if that's my worst side affect, I'll take it! I am lucky I am not working right now, so can take time to recover. DO you feel your ear sort of pop now and then, almost like an earache pain for a second? WHen does your dr. think you will hear? Are you so excited for that? I can't WAIT!! The last few days before surgery i would cover my 'good ear' just so i could see how bad my hearing was....can't wait to see the difference. I am really sorry I seem to have bothered Steve...I am going to try to find my other thread that i thought i started......

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