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I wanted to clarify after re-reading your message that i know it was not due to the noise of the plane. It was most definitely due to the altitude change and my ear pop. And when I mean pop, it was truly popping. Over and over for about 10 minutes after we landed. Very painfully. I had no idea at the time how to do a valsalva to relieve the pressure difference. Anyway that is when the ringing started. I know we are only talking a couple psi difference from the altitude we must have been at, but my ears are very sensitive to altitude changes. I sometimes get problems driving in hills and on elevators. Over the years I have learned to clear my tubes naturally and hardly ever need to valsalva unless I am diving. I work at NASA in space suit engineering and being able to clear your ears during pressurized tests is critical.

I have been exposed to my share of noise over the years, form concerts to chainsaws, but that never had an effect on it. For the last 10 years I wear hearing protection just because it is good advice.

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