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The original surgery corrected an 80% hearing loss in the left ear. I was dizzy for about a week, however, I was getting headaches from everything seeming so loud as my brain was adjusting to hearing the furnace, clothes dryer, etc.

The right ear was done almost 2 years ago, and I experienced one day of dizziness, the day after the surgery. Go figure. The prosthesis slipped, so if this revision holds for a year, then I'll have the other ear corrected.

I'm post-op day 9 right now, and the dizziness is bad in the morning, after getting out of bed, but since the swelling has gone down, I can interact in conversations with background noise, the car engine is too loud, and I can hear traffic going down the road from inside the house. Before this surgery, I had 60% loss in both ears.

I did ask my surgeon about flying before the surgery. He recommended not to because of the plane's pressure and altitude changes. You really don't want that ear popping while it's healing. I'm taking his advice, because I've realized how much I've missed not being able to hear my niece and nephews while they are growing up. After the frustration of trying to get this corrected, I'm not taking any unnecessary chances.

Keep in touch and let us know about what you decide to do. :)

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