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My Stapedectomy ReCOVERY Report

Hello dear Otosclerosis sufferers. I am 33 female and I was having hearing lost for the last 6 years. But recently it went worse and I started to miss a lot of daily conversations and meetings started to be like nightmares and I started to get really upset with people who have quite voice(though I am one of them) and finally decided to have the operation and actually had it the day before yesterday on 2nd of August 2010.
I currently live In Basel Switzerland and am originally from Istanbul Turkey. So when I decided to have the operation I was a bit hesitant to have it here or at home but due to flying restrictions I decided to have it here in Basel where I work and live and I beleıve I found the correct doctor for thıs very spesıfıc operatıon.
Anyways I can not say anything about hearing improvement yet too early for that but the operation was ok. afterwards I had very little pain almost none. Just slight dizzyness and sick feeling but they are really very light.
My ear is still full off cotton etc and all closed so I can not judge any hearing improvement but I can say the operation goes very straightforward in good hands. and afterwards it is not painful at all. Just you have to rest a little bit.
I didnt feel any numbness in my leg or none significant taste loss on my tongue. It feels a bit like you had some teeth problems and your tongue is effected a bit but I must tell it is not severe.
So - I am very excited about hearing improvement and will keep u posted
Good luck to everyone

[QUOTE=zotosclerosis;4295134]I feel like a frequent flyer around here in all my posts - hope they help. I'm pretty much exactly 2 months into it and in one word: phenomenal. I have another followup on the 9th to see progress but I can tell you now - the fact I don't have to ask people to repeat, I can listen to the TV with my wife at normal decibels, I can hear the smallest of normal sounds (floorboards creaking), I can hear the cat's purr for the first time in a VERY long time, others can hear me now because I now hear my own true volume, and MANY other things - is an indication that it'll be a good and quick visit.

Any issues at the 2 mo. mark?

The taste-buds on my tongue (on the side of the operation) is still affected but getting very slowly better. The numbness on my foot (same side) is going away slowly. I still have tinnitus - especially after a movie feature or something but NOTHING compared to what it was before. I'm still technically not allowed to have water enter into it but I haven't covered it with showers - I just carefully wash hair around it.

Everything else is perfect - I blow my nose normally (albeit slowly) with no issues whatsoever, etc...

So, like people keep re-iterating, don't wait! Get it done! Per the literature, don't let the calcium build-up affect your hearing permanently while it can all be put back to normal! Although I can live with this fine - I can't wait until I get my other ear done to get myself 100% on both. I'm now just curious about the numbers - will find out soon!


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