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Hello everyone. I too have gotten a head cold. Real stuffed up and now both ears are plugged! Zyrtec is helping my sinuses, but not my ears.

Went to my nieces birthday party today and it was real tough dealing with the back ground noise. She turned 20 yesterday, but she has younger siblings. So there was a house full of kids from 3 thru 20. The noise was real fun to hear over. And watching college bowl games and NFL playoffs did not help much either.

I too have been sensitive to loud noises. Went to see Avatar too and wished I had some ear plugs. A couple of times I just used my finger! ;)

My hearing loss was bilateral and the audio gram was almost even for both sides. Lowest frequencies started around 55 db, and ramped up to about 25 db for the high.
[QUOTE=sarahebeth;4163812]Hey guys, do you have a crackling sound in your operated ear sometimes? I have it mostly in the morning. It's kinda like the sound in your ears when you swallow, but it does it 5 or 6 times when it happens.[/QUOTE]

Posted from my iPhone. So please pardon any weird typos or syntax! :)

Hey Sarahebeth,
Yes, I did have crackling and popping noise the first few weeks after surgery. But it eventually stopped.

My last posts last week I posted that I was getting a cold. It got worse and lasted about 5 or 6 days. It was just in my head as it never got down into my chest. So the infection was all in my sinuses, which are connected with the ears via the Eustachion tube.

On Wednesday I started having pressure in my operated ear and Thursday I started getting pain in the ear. Called Dr today (Friday) and spoke with Nurse as today is a surgery day for the doc. When she called me back she told me the doc said I definetly needed to be concerned. They called in 2 prescriptions, an antibiotic and a steroid for the swelling.

Took the drugs immediately while I was still in the pharmacy parking lot. After 2 or 3 hours after starting the meds I started having popping and crackling noise again. I can also feel a difference when I touch the ear and my face in front of my ear, it is not as tender. So the drugs are working.

Another side effect of the drugs. I had posted previously that the doc had to cut my ear out of the canal and onto my face. The scar is visible about 1/4 past the opening of the ear canal and onto my face. Have not seen anyone else post this, so I have assumed that mine was unique.

Since the day of surgery the incision has been puffed and the area around it was swollen. The steroids are also helping that swelling. I am hoping when that swelling is gone I will start to get the improved hearing that I have yet to experience.

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