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Day 12: The pressure seems gone and the thumping heart thing seems to have disapeared - though it comes back here and there when heart rate elevated - no biggie. At around day 9, walking home from work, there was a giant pop and the ear seems to have cleared somewhat. Was just like when landing on an airplane and all of a sudden you could hear better. Hearing IS better. I test daily by flicking finger-nails together and compare to left ear (before I could hear nothing - now it's muffled but there). Tunnel sound but working. I can use the phone on that ear fine now. The big "changes" I have now are 2 things: 1 - I don't have that transmission sound on my operated ear. Meaning if I lightly touch my ear lobe, I could hear it loud and clear - so I think that's progress. 2 - my jaw popping (TMJ) is LOUD!!! Eating is very loud (and kinda' disgusting). More as it develops! Hang in there people - success rate is high!
Week 5 (tomorrow): I have my 1 month appointment this Friday to see progress. So, what have I experienced so far? MUCH!!!

Hearing: It's MUCH better! In fact, it's better than my unoperated ear in most respects. The cell phone volume is too loud on that side, I can hear WAY too many creaking floor boards now (old house), and in general an amazing "liberation" of sounds that have been lost over time regained - wow! It's not all sounds though - as higher pitched one's are still muted, but low is great - so still some "tunnel" effect with sounds being deeper in tone of the same sound as the other ear. I still have sensitive contact-hearing when touching lobe.

Issues up to now: EAR ITCHES!!! sucks - not like I can jab a swab in there and swipe in clean or anything - can't wait for him to check it out Friday and hopefully scratch a (seemingly) month-long itch! Tinnitus still there. No thumping - way gone. No pressure - that was horrible! Hearing seems to go in/out with bending over or when pressing (scratching) behind ear lobe. As if a piece of stuffing is loose in there and clogs it from time to time - strange. But when it's muted, it's a tad unnerving because you're starting to get used to the new hearing and then it's gone again (usually when you need to be social).

Activities: No lifting 10pound-rule... yeah - I broke that long ago. I have a 2yr old daughter - can't keep me from lifting her. I used to lift weights so know to breathe and lift with arms/legs without stiffing the neck. If you need to practice before surgery - do it and get used to it - it'll make your life easier as most things are greater than 10 pounds. I'll be curious to see what I can/cannot do based on this Friday's meeting. One thing that you should not do is have your child sit/stand on your belly while laying down - you cannot control that and does put pressure on the drum. Sometimes I forget and I definitely feel it! What's the max I lifted since then? Not sure, probably carried 40lbs in groceries up the steps (many cans). Grip is no issue - just when you pull / lift or do something with the weight is when you have to be conscious of it.

I thought I had a small ear infection about a week ago when I felt slight pressure in there and when putting finger in ear (comparing two sides), it felt tighter in the operated ear. Also popping in/out even with just a tilt of head back. Ran into my doc on the street (couldn't have timed that chance encounter better) and he said just use more drops - worked.

Anything else - advice? Probably repeating from other posts but:
no worries about sneezing - just don't plug your nose.
Showered since day one - just covered my ear with a piece of plastic and with rubber band around ear to hold it.
I miss running - will ask when I can start things like that... In the beginning, watch foods that require inadvertent sucking (popscicle, frozen drinks (margarita), etc). Don't put year head (ear) on leather (even 1 month in)... it's a suction cup - ouch!

Oh, almost forgot! Very weird! Numb part of foot! You know how your taste is off on one side of your tongue (still off/numb by the way), well the same side of my foot is numb in the middle... Only noticed it a few weeks in and remains to this day. I know the ear and foot are interconnected so I'm not surprised, but check it out in case you have it as well. You won't notice unless you look for it since you don't step on this part (also because it's numb) - it's the outside middle. Strange and is one of the only things I don't remember seeing on the message boards.

Oh, I'll post insurance costs as well - as many would be curious, I'm sure. Would be fun to compare to others... To date, my insurance billed $41K - of which $5600 was paid (negotiated rate) by the insurance - of which I paid $170 in copays, etc... The operation itself was billed at $33K but negotiated rate was $2600. Yes, it's a scam. Our healthcare system is seriously whacked!:dizzy:

Happy recovery everyone - the sounds I'm hearing are amazing already!

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