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Hi bunny01. How are you feeling? How is your ear? Have you regained your hearing yet? I hope that you did not hurt anything by blowing your nose. Hard habit to break!

After my first stapedectomy I was great actually. I heard the day after the surgery then the next day my ear was very muffled and I was hearing cracking and popping in my ear which was very normal. Week 2 I was noticing a change, nothing I can speak of really but just different. I went to the doctor for my follow up and he cleaned the ear and it popped and I could hear!! I heard my own footsteps as I was walking to my car. I heard the left speaker. I heard birds. I heard how loud my car really is! ha! ha! It was great!! From there I still heard like a crackling noise "inside" my head and I learned that it was the packing that was disolving and that I would hear that for a couple of months. I was never dizzy or had any pain after the surgery. I was a little "off" but no virtigo or vomiting. That was it. There was nothing to it. My doctor said that I was to the extreme of good on the first and that my recovery was rare (how good it went) and that I was to the extreme of bad on the second. Very weird how opposite they were from each other. Two completely different experiences.

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