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Hey Rosemary

Thanks for your reply.

I'm so sorry to hear your surgery was not successful, it's a terrible outcome, especially with you being so young.

I have another thread going on this board also, & it fully explains my story.

Do you mind if I ask whether you had a synthesized/squeaky/high pitched sound coming through your ear? The Audiologist told me this indicates cochlear damage (from the surgery) as although I can hear sounds, the cochlear can't decipher the words.

The outside of my ear & incision is still quite swollen so I'm guessing the inside must be very swollen. It feels very full & puffed-up inside. I'm just hoping swelling/fluid are causing this crazy sound problem.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

All the best with your hearing. Hopefully new technology will come along & help you get your hearing back.

Thanks, Teesha
[QUOTE=rosemary123;4656864]Dear Austraila girl,

I was put on steroids due to the fact that my surgeon and audiologist could not believe the fact that I went from about 20% hearing loss before surgery to 100% hearing loss. Steroids didn't help of course since it wasn't due to inflammation, the surgery had caused permanent nerve damage. Hopefully yours is just due to inflammation. To answer your question about the noises you're hearing, I would describe what I heard after surgery as a radio static noise. I still hear it every now and then but it's not as loud as it was right after surgery. I wanted to ask you if you had any vertigo or nausea/vomiting after surgery?

Thank you for your feedback,

Hi Angela

The noises I'm hearing could also be described as radio static, I suppose I'll just have to wait until my surgeon returns from holidays & see what he thinks.

In regards to your question about vertigo, yes I did experience vertigo. I considered it to be quite bad for the first couple of days although after reading some peoples posts (on these boards), mine was no-where near as extreme as some. I needed help to walk the first day or two then on the following couple of days I only needed assistance with rising from bed/seat etc.. It was still mildly there when walking or laying back in bed for about 2 weeks and I still get it now (38 days post-op) when walking up or down stairs or when I bend forward. Stairs make me feel like I'm floating. Also the past couple of days I've noticed that I get a big headspin when I put the vaseline cotton ball in my ear before showering. It feels like my eardrum may burst even though the cotton ball is only slightly in the ear.

Thankfully I had no vomiting & only very mild nausea a couple of times.

The only thing I experienced that seems unusual was straight after surgery, I had excessive drainage. I had a full head bandage around my head covering the ear (the surgeon advised me prior to surgery the full bandage would be there upon waking) however while I still had the bandage on approximately 5 hours after surgery, three quarters of the pillow was covered in blood/fluid (which was very alarming considering that amount had seeped out of the tight bandage). The nurse said that happens occassionally. I was then given an IV steroid for about an hour.

I stayed in hospital 2 nights and the surgeon saw me several times during my stay & advised the op was successful. I just wonder whether all that bleeding/fluid has something to do with my current situation.

Good luck with everything.

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