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I will try and keep this short, haha! I had my left ear stapedectomy done last Feb and all went fine. I had my right ear done Jan 5th. I was just as sick afterwards as I was for the first one and dizzy in bed for 7 days like the first one. I was only sick for one day, alot of throwing up, not fun. I was like that wit te first one too. So I wasn't concern. When I talked to the doctor he had me hold the phone up to my right ear and he said I should hear him, it will be muffled but I should, and I did. Before the surgery I could barely hear anyone talk on the phone on the right ear. I kept checking this thru out the first month and it would sound less muffled, so I was pleased with that and encouraged by that.

I had my 4 week check up and they took out the packing but the sounds did not come back like it did for my left ear. She said it is because the ear is still healing and the packing inside still needs to dissolve whic can take a month. Either that, or the prostethesis slipped. She also said worse case is that they went in too far and some sort of fluid line got a hole in it and it is leaking fluid and will cause hearing loss. I didn't even want to know about that and didn't ask anymore questions on that one, as I don't think that is it, because during the 1st mont my ear did pop open for a few seconds twice and my hearing was really loud. She said that is a good sign. Everything was progressing like it did the first time. Plus I don't hear the voice inside my head like I did on the right side

She did do the stupid fork test thing, which I hate especially when they put it in the middle of my forehead. When they placed it on the bone behind my ear and I could hear it louder then in front which I know is not the way it should be. But maybe it's just all the packing in the middle ear still effecting it.

All last week it felt like my ear was about to pop open, it kept cracking and I could feel it like I needed to pop it open, but I didn't dare. But then this week nothing. I am getting nervous and fustrated and trying not to get upset over this. I can still hear on the phone louder than I did before, so I hope that is a good sign. It's the only thing I have to keep my spirit up. I fly next week on an airplane and I am hoping it will make my ear pop open. I'll probably scream on the airplane "I can hear, I can hear!" if it does, LOL! But I won't as I don't want anyone to think I am some crazy lady.

Also lately in my left ear, I have been hearing a clicking sound. Not all the time, but sometimes. Mostly at night. If I slightly close my ear and then open it, it stops. Does anyone know what that is all about? I am keeping track of it so tat wen I see the doctor I can ask him and tell him more about it.

Any words of encourage, advice, experience will be helpful! Did anyone ever have to get their prosthesis adjusted? If you did, did it make you dizzy again for a week? I don't want to go thru that recovery again! Twice was enough.

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