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I will try and keep this short, haha! I had my left ear stapedectomy done last Feb and all went fine. I had my right ear done Jan 5th. I was just as sick afterwards as I was for the first one and dizzy in bed for 7 days like the first one. I was only sick for one day, alot of throwing up, not fun. I was like that wit te first one too. So I wasn't concern. When I talked to the doctor he had me hold the phone up to my right ear and he said I should hear him, it will be muffled but I should, and I did. Before the surgery I could barely hear anyone talk on the phone on the right ear. I kept checking this thru out the first month and it would sound less muffled, so I was pleased with that and encouraged by that.

I had my 4 week check up and they took out the packing but the sounds did not come back like it did for my left ear. She said it is because the ear is still healing and the packing inside still needs to dissolve whic can take a month. Either that, or the prostethesis slipped. She also said worse case is that they went in too far and some sort of fluid line got a hole in it and it is leaking fluid and will cause hearing loss. I didn't even want to know about that and didn't ask anymore questions on that one, as I don't think that is it, because during the 1st mont my ear did pop open for a few seconds twice and my hearing was really loud. She said that is a good sign. Everything was progressing like it did the first time. Plus I don't hear the voice inside my head like I did on the right side

She did do the stupid fork test thing, which I hate especially when they put it in the middle of my forehead. When they placed it on the bone behind my ear and I could hear it louder then in front which I know is not the way it should be. But maybe it's just all the packing in the middle ear still effecting it.

All last week it felt like my ear was about to pop open, it kept cracking and I could feel it like I needed to pop it open, but I didn't dare. But then this week nothing. I am getting nervous and fustrated and trying not to get upset over this. I can still hear on the phone louder than I did before, so I hope that is a good sign. It's the only thing I have to keep my spirit up. I fly next week on an airplane and I am hoping it will make my ear pop open. I'll probably scream on the airplane "I can hear, I can hear!" if it does, LOL! But I won't as I don't want anyone to think I am some crazy lady.

Also lately in my left ear, I have been hearing a clicking sound. Not all the time, but sometimes. Mostly at night. If I slightly close my ear and then open it, it stops. Does anyone know what that is all about? I am keeping track of it so tat wen I see the doctor I can ask him and tell him more about it.

Any words of encourage, advice, experience will be helpful! Did anyone ever have to get their prosthesis adjusted? If you did, did it make you dizzy again for a week? I don't want to go thru that recovery again! Twice was enough.
ok so this is day 16 not dizzy not in pain had my packing takeb out on the 7th day. I realize there is dissovable bandaids in my ear that have to come out but im frustrated. Day 9 my ear popped and all day long i could hear and loud. next day and for days after im like in a wind tunnel. Now when I touch my ear slightly i hear clicking. Im all done my ear drops dont have appointment till the 8th of april. Should i be hearing anybetter right now and how long does the stuff in my ear take to go away. i have to go back to work tomorrow and it bothers me cause i wont be able to hear like i want to. arghhhh. I can hear but not like i want. Im tired of say pardon me or what was that. The clicking is strange too no popping anymore
Hearing Sue, I wouldn't worry about the length of your post. I've enjoyed reading any and all information and the nuances concerning the operation and progress. And now I'm a fellow Stapedectomy patient as well, so I made a really big post about my day today.

Good luck to you and also luscious38, good luck and post more information when you can.
This past week I noticed some tinnitus in my right ear. Even at night some ringing, just comes and goes, happens maybe once or twice a night. I am hoping it is nothing serious aned I am trying so hard to be patient and not worry. I am now at about week 7 of my surgery. I don't go to the doctor till the 10th. I sure hope that by then things improve. My ear hasn't tried to pop open at all this week. If it slipped does anyone know what they do for that? I am more worried about the recovery. I don't want to be stuck in bed again for a week with dizziness. I just can't go thru that again! I am just trying to research on what the recovery is like for soemthing like that, but have't had any luck.
Hearing Sure, I am wondering hwo you are two months later? Did youi ear ever "open" and stay open?
[QUOTE=Arlanthe;4235302]Hearing Sure, I am wondering hwo you are two months later? Did youi ear ever "open" and stay open?[/QUOTE]

It's been 4 mo, next week will be 4 mo. I went back at my 2 mo appt and they did a hearing test and it is not where it should be. I can hear some, but not like I should. I told the dr that if this is as good as it gets I am happy with it. He said, oh no, he expects nothing but perfection. He said it is nothing I did, we will just have to wait and be patient which he said will be hard for him to do. So I go back in Aug and they will do another hearing test. He is hoping it will open up some more. I really can't tell if it did or didn't. I hear the t.v. louder than I did, so I can no long lay on my good ear to shut out the tv noise when I go to sleep, LOL! So it is just a wait and see game for now.

Thanks for asking, I will keep you all posted if anything happens.

By the way, my brother was diagnosed with otioscelorisis (I can't spell it). He doesn't have much problems yet, but they are keeping an eye on it for now. I have 6 siblings and so far it is just the 2 of us, but it will be interesting to see of how many of us do end up with it. I think my younger sister has it too. My girls are hoping they don't get it, they saw what I went thru after surgery and they both said they don't want it. I can't blame them. The surgery recovery is the worse.
[COLOR="blue"]Hi there, I'm so releived that this forum exists! I've been kind of coping on my own with this and am in serious need of a bit of reassurance! I've been reading up on all the different experiences, and I'm filled with respect for all of you, and amazement that the recovery is so varied.

I had my right ear 'done' on 21 April because I was found to be just about totally deaf in that ear, and my left is on the way out too. Bit of a shock, as like most people it was a gradual thing and I just assumed that it was wax, faulty headphones (!) or me making a fuss...

Anyway, just to make things really clear, I live in France and so have the language to deal with as well! Plus the fact that I can't seem to get any information out of anybody over here. I honestly went in to the hospital expecting to have hearing pretty much immediately afterwards. I now realise that the operation was more serious than I had anticipated, and the recovery time a lot longer.

Basically, though, I wasn't given any idea of what was being done, nor what to expect afterwards. It is only through finding this forum that I have managed to know what questions to ask the doctor who did kind of answer them, although I'm still vague on what is in my ear now! I have tinnitus all the time, the only thing that varies is the intensity. But I've always had tinnitus, just didn't realise it was!

I had a major scare yesterday as I mentioned to the nurse who checked my ear that I still had blood on the plaster over my ear and she looked and said I am still bleeding from the ear. I'm really panicked by this, had to go and see my local doc who has put me on antibiotics (in addition to the antibiotic ear drops) until I see my guy on Tuesday.

So, please, has anyone else had this, is it normal or should I be totally freaked out?

So looking forward to having some feedback. Take care, speak soon,

Keren x[/COLOR]
Wow Keren, how scary it must be for you not having enough info before the surgery. You are brave. I did have slight bleeding after but not alot, just a little. Only lasted 2 days, if that much. I was put on antiobitics and ear drops after both of my surgeries to prevent infections. The tinnitus should clear up after awhile. The first week or so you will still hear ear noise, including what sounds like your heart beating in your ear, and that is normal, but it doesn't last.

I do still have tinnitus in my right ear, but that is the ear that is still recoverying. I had it done Jan 5th. It can take up to a year to hear and get the full effects, so I guess that is what is going on with my ear. I just have to wait and see and be patient. You take it easy too and ask lots of questions!

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