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Monday, March 1st,

Hello, it's been one week since my surgery and things have been pretty uneventful. I haven't experienced any dizziness or vertigo whatsoever, although I was having trouble sleeping the first few nights because of the medication. I was taking Methyiprednisolone which was keeping me awake, but I'm still taking Avelox and I have some ear drops as well. So, by early Wednesday morning I had, had enough of not feeling tired, yet, I was so exhausted that I could barely think. At that point, my operated ear seemed less loud, almost nonexistent in my head and the un-operated ear seemed to be going quiet as well. I was a bit worried so I had a quick visit Wednesday morning with the doctor and he adjusted my medication and gave me a hearing test in the un-operated ear. As it turns out, my hearing was the same as it's always been in that ear. I was very surprised because it sounds like I'm hearing a lot less. As it was explained to me; my operated ear is overpowering the un-operated one. I guess my mind is tricking me.

I started feeling more rested by Friday and from then on there have been drastic improvements. My voice and just about everything else is way too loud in my head again, even louder than before. It's so loud that when I walk around it sounds like explosions in my ear so I try to walk softly. Just this morning I heard a loud annoying buzz in the kitchen; it was the refrigerator. Well I've never heard the fridge before and because my hearing is still distorted, it took me awhile to figure it out. Also, I've had my heartbeat/pulse in my operated ear for the last few days.

This Wednesday the packing comes out and I hope everything is healing properly because it is a little uncomfortable. And when they say blow your nose very softly they actually mean do not blow your nose at all. Just the slightest release caused what sounded like my eardrum to flutter. It happened three times last week with only the slightest force.

Like I said, it’s been pretty uneventful so far. I’m patiently waiting for the next four weeks to pass and then go from there. I’m getting excited to hear the results.

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