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For the past few weeks my ears have been popping when I swallow. My right ear pops everytime I swallow, and the left every other time I swallow. I did some research on the topic and learned that your eustachian tube opens and closes when you swallow. But, what I don't get is why does it NOW make noise when it never did before. It is so annoying. I first must say, I have slight hearing loss and constant tinnitus in my left ear that started in June of last year. I have it from loud noise exposure(I believe) from working at a call center. I know weird...huh?! Anyway, I visited an ENT, had a CT, MRI, blood work, etc. The tests were all clean and the ENT kept telling me it is Meneirs(sp?) disease. But, I learned people with Meneirs have vertigo and dizziness, and I never had that. So, I believe it is just noise-induced hearing loss, along with tinnitus. But, my question is why are my ears all of a sudden popping? I have also been feeling pressure in both ears on and off for a few days. Any input would be greartly appreciated.
I have been having ear ringing for the past 4 weeks or so - ENT said everything looked good - my regular doctor said it may be allergies - wanted me to try Xyzal, Mine have also been popping when I swallow - It's all about to drive me crazy!

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