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Austrailiagirl sorry to hear about the bad results.

I had a right ear stapedotomy in April 2010 which failed and a revision in August 2010. The revision worked (was able to hear my husband's heartbeat for the first time in years and all the wonderful sounds I had lost along the way) until I blew my nose on Christmas eve. No pain or anything like when it happened. I think it was a combination of being sick/congested, sneezing abunch,(mouth open) and blowing my nose. I get slightly dizzy sometimes and experience a dull ache my hearing is back to the way it was before the successfull revision. I am consulting with an Audiologist to talk about getting a Hearing aid. I'm also considering having another revision done to replace the existing prostesis with a longer one. However, the possible result of the longer prostesis is that if it is too long anytime I am exposed to loud noise it will cause vertigo. Which will result in another surgery to replace the too long prostesis with a shorter one.

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