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[QUOTE=nadsgal;4328250]Hello Bossio,

How is your hearing now ?

Hi, I'm at 22 days after surgery and 15 days after packing removed.
I'd say that the results so far are a mixed bag, I do hear more now but the quality of the sounds are not that good, is like hearing in FM stereo in my non-operated ear and hearing like an AM radio thru a bad speaker in my operated ear.
I test real life with headphones and listening to music. I never had total hearing loss in my left ear but very diminished hearing.
So far I'd say that my operated ear hears 1/3 of what my good ear hears. I'm also affected with some sounds coming in very very loud, especially while walking, I can hear fans running from across the street and the sound of cars and buses is extremely loud, as well as when I open and close the doors of my car. Listening to music in the car is not that good, there isn't much "body" to the sounds, it was better pre-op.
So I'll just wait for my next appointment on October 5 and see what the doctor has to say.
Hi, not sure whether this thread is still active. I have a few questions for anyone out there who's had stapedectomy surgery.
Here's my story:
I've had otosclerosis in my right ear since i was very young, approx 20 years. It didn't have a huge impact on my life as I was able to make do with my left ear which had perfect hearing. All that changed approx 8 months ago. I came down with a bad ear infection in my good ear in April this year. Was treated with antibiotics etc however nothing seemed to clear the blocked/clogged feeling in my ear. Tried steroids etc but blocked feeling persisted. I seemed to have lost a great deal of hearing in my 'good ear' practically overnight. Went to my ear specialist & was advised otosclerosis had moved into my good ear. My hearing went bad very quickly and surgery seemed the only option (as both ears were now quite deaf). Had surgery last Wednesday ( 01 December) on my original bad ear (right ear). Specialist who did the surgery is known as being one of the best ear surgeons in Australia & I have total faith in his ability. It's now day 6 since surgery and I'm having all the expected post-surgery symptoms - vertigo/dizziness (especially when attempting to lay down or get up), light headed etc. My main concern is my unoperated seems to be totally blocked & muffled. Since I woke up following the surgery, I have barely been able to hear out of the either ear & it's causing me a lot of anxiety. My operated ear currently has no hearing at all (which I'm hoping is due to packing etc) but I'm very concerned about the loss of hearing in my good ear. It feels totally muffled & blocked. I mentioned it to the surgeon briefly immediately following surgery and he didn't seem overly concerned but the longer it goes on the more worried I get. Also, I have a great deal of numbness around the operation site. An area of approx 3inches above my ear & my entire ear is totally numb. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?? All replies will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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