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Nadsqal, I had that same experience after my last stapedectomy about a month ago - I heard GREAT immediately after my surgery but then three days later I woke up and couldn't hear. I went to my post op a few days later, had the packing taken out but still didn't improve my hearing. About a week and half later I started experiencing sensation of my ear opening, at first this lasted for just a few seconds, then I'd swallow and it go back to that clogged not being able to hear feeling. Gradually, the open times started happening more and more. During this time, when my ear was open, sounds were distorted. I found that I had the hardest time with voices. Some things were really loud as if my brain wasn't filtering what should be back ground noise, like a door shutting, the sound of a dish being put on the counter. In the car, the road noise sounded like it was right up against my ear, almost like a helicopter. And it just generally sounded as if I was hearing through a cup or a shell. Then I'd swallow and it would all go away. I also started to notice if I opened my mouth, I would hear. When I was chewing it was like a kid was playing with the knob on a radio and turning the volume on and off, on and off. But this didn't' start until about a week after my packing was removed.

I've had about two weeks now where I feel like the swelling has finally gone down and literally I woke up one day and could hear. I'm still occasionally experiencing my brain re learning what to do. But it's getting better each day. the sound of a dish being put down no longer rattles my skull! I know I STILL have some fluid because when I yawn, swallow a little differently, get a bubble in my throat, etc... I can hear the fluid. It sounds like a combination of sheets being snapped, and someone scratching jeans right next to my ear.

Be patient, I know it's stressful! when my swelling and fluid took over, I cried and cried and was convinced I was destined to not be able to hear. I kept reading every post I could find on this website to see if anyone had my experience. But really, it really was swelling, and fluid, and dried blood. It DOES takes months to heal.
I'm now at 22 days post-op and its been 17 days since my packing was removed. I had an appoinement with my doctor this morning and then took a hearing test. And my hearing in my operated ear is the same as pre-op and there is a hearing loss for high frequencies. My doc asked me to wait for a month and get a hearing test done again. If the results are same and if there is no improvement even after a month, then I will get a CT scan done to check if the prosthesis is still in place !
Hello Everyone,
27 days post-op: Can hear all the background road noise, fans blowing etc louder than voices. Voices have this strange "double tone"...Don't know if I explained it correctly :( Also, my hearing seems to vary within each day too...sometimes I feel like my hearing is improving and sometimes I feel like its going downhill. I have an appointment for a hearing test on Nov 1st. Just keeping my fingers crossed until then.
My doc lifted all the restrictions - I can now bend and do some light exercises like brisk walking and all, can take normal showers !! whew..what a relief ! but I'm still taking care not to let water inside my ear..
Hello Mal, welcome aboard and keep us posted on your recovery. Good luck !
Hello Mal and everyone,
Mine is stapedotomy too. And here is my progress from the day of the surgery.

Immediately after the surgery: all sounds, including my own words were amplified a 100 times and there was an echo to all the sounds. I was dizzy for a couple of hours, stayed at the hospital and then left.

1st day post-op: Fullness in the ear. Felt like there is some liquidy substance in my ear. Very minute amount of pain-nothing unbearable. Now, more than words, all the other sounds…sounds like closing the microwave door, turning the light on etc. were amplified. Tinnitus comes and goes-not persistent.

2nd day post-op: Feel much better. Dizziness is still there. Don’t feel the liquidy substance in the ear. Sounds like heart beat, air blowing was heard in the operated ear-not persistent though. Background noises were heard more than speech.

3rd day post-op: Almost same as the second day. Persistent headache-gone after taking Tylenol.

4th day post-op
Until last night everything was pretty loud..Now, it feels like my operated ear is fully packed and I can hear sounds only faintly or nothing at all. Eating crunchy things makes a lot of noise in the right (un-operated) ear.
Called the doc and he said the hearing will vary during the first few days after surgery and there is nothing to worry.

7th day post-op: my first post-op appointment-Got my external packing removed; no "magical hearing". Doc said I had two more stitches inside my ear..and there was some internal packing that needs to dissolve. He did the tuning fork test on my forehead and said everything was normal. Operated ear still felt pretty clogged/packed.
There has been a subtle pain/soreness on the outside of the operated ear/jaw, slight numbness and soreness in the face (operated ear side)..looks like the cheek muscle on the operated ear side is not moving, which made my laugh weird..Asked the doc and he suggested me to sleep at a 30 degrees angle. Said..that might be because of the swelling. Asked me to come back after 2 weeks.

10 post-op: hearing some “internal vibrations?” in the ear.
From 11th day post-op: Feels like hearing is getting a little better every day but not anything really magical :(
3 weeks post-op: Had my second post-op appointment. Doc suctioned out something from inside, also removed some dried blood (was a bit painful :()
Then went for a hearing test. Hearing was pretty much the same as pre-op. Doc asked me to wait for one more month and get a hearing test again.

31 days post-op: I feel like my hearing is getting better but the voices are still distorted. Background noises are still louder than the voices. Still feel like there is something inside my dried blood or something..
I still hear some creaking and popping noises whenever i swallow..
Anyone felt the same 30 days after surgery ??

I have my next appointment on Nov1st. So, I'm just waiting and hoping for my hearing to get better by then..
Hello Bossio,
Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm very happy for you !
I'm 31 days post-op and I do still hear some creaking/popping noises when I swallow. Voices are still distorted..I have another appointment on Nov 1st. I hope my hearing gets better by then :(
2 Months post my op.

Hey Australia girl, welcome to the gang. I felt exactly the same way as you.
My right ear was the operated one . My post op symptoms and anxiety were exactly the same. Have a look at my posts. Oh the vertigo.....:dizzy: I just went back to bed. Very unusual for me. I know its forever away. 2 weeks or so things will being to heal and start working. It very slowly improves from there. Vertigo's gone completely now and my operated ear works well, not perfectly but a lot better than before. Still have the clicking, ringing but that's all. I've got the best out of that ear I could hope for as its sound damaged too hence ringing. I'm sure you'll be pleased very soon. Yep the surgeons seem very unfussed at our worry. But I suppose it happens all the time.

Advice: Rest Rest Rest. Eat very well, all the food you like, give your body
the best opportunity.
Don't even consider working for at least one month I mean it... no
work, You've had a major op. You must rest, it's your one chance!!!
(the world will still turn, some one else can do it). Flying min 6 weeks.
Get some good entertainment and enjoy the rest, no exertion.
Noisy environments are going to be very uncomfortable as your
brains sorts out your new hearing, it starts loud but muffled
at first. No parties or pubs for a month. Friends can visit.
Relax.... Have faith, don't worry... it takes time, feels so long.

I know it drags, but after two month you'll stop thinking about it so much and be getting on with having fun again. You'll be fine for christmas. Be excited you'll be hearing again soon...

Mal :wave:
Thank goodness I found this site. I am 6 days post surgery and have so many of the same feelings as those posted here. Dr. took packing out yesterday and it made no difference in hearing.....feels like the packing is still in there. The whooshing sound of pre-op days is as loud as ever. When the Dr. tried to suction out the dried blood, nearly flipped out of the chair. Now I'm using drops to loosen things up.

So very encouraged that those of you further out in recovery have had some success. It's hard to be patient when things actually seem worse after the surgery. This is a lifeline.:wave:

[QUOTE=jonnohart;4708536]Hey Aussie Girl

Been off air for a while, had surgery. Hope your visit to the doc was a better result for you? Sometimes it seems like a waiting process for healing to take its course. Really hope your hearing has improved for you each day.

Are you back in the workforce? I am on leave for a while now, but already miss the job. Not too many can say they love their job, to me its very rewarding.

I get what you mean with the heat effecting your ears. I had a similar reaction with mine when we had very hot weater a few weeks ago, nearly a whole week at 38C to 40C degrees plus.

Take care Aussie Gal

Cheers Jonno :wave:[/QUOTE]

Hey Jonno
Hope you've had an ok day. I didn't realise you had already had your surgery, I thought it was happening later this year. How'd it all go, have you had much vertigo? But the all important question, can you hear anything yet, don't panic if you can't hear, it will only be due to the packing in your ear. How wonderful that you're going to be able hear again, I actually feel a bit emotional just thinking of someone regaining hearing.

I went back to see my surgeon mid last week & he wanted to re-operate this week to remove the prosthesis & try and seal the perilymphatic fistula. Decided to get another opinion so went to see Professor Fagan (he operates out of St Vincents Sydney). He recommended I wait a while longer before having further surgery, and see whether the fistula heals itself. He also wants me to have some CT's etc to see whether the prosthesis might be slightly too long. Regardless of the outcome of tests etc, unfortunately there's definitely no hearing ever returning in that ear. Once the cochlear's damaged it can't be repaired. The surgeon I went to this week actually said I'm what they classify as a 'surgical disaster'.

Good news is I'm back working part-time for State Govt corporation, great conditions, pretty similar to Federal Govt. I didn't really think I was ready to return to work but I'm doing fine. It was the first job I applied for so it was great not having to get knockbacks, I don't think it would have helped my confidence much. Pretty cruisy sort of job, definitely doesn't involve over-excerting myself.

How long do you think you're going to be off work, my doctor initially told me to plan on 2 weeks off provided everything went to plan. Haha I actually ended up having 13 weeks post-surgery & a few weeks prior to surgery.
Let me know how your op went, pleeease let it be good news!!

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