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I had my stapedectomy on Monday, April 19th. My side effects have been very minor- no nausea, no pain, no dizziness, only a very sleight metallic taste (not bad at all).

The only thing that is worrying me is that I don't know if it worked or not. For those of you that have had the surgery, what was your hearing like afterward? I haven't had any "loud" or "open" periods with the operated ear. It just feels itchy and stuffed up (the gauze is still packed in there). Has anyone had to wait until that was completely out to notice a significant difference?

If I gently rub the cotton ball, I can hear the hissing sound in my operated ear. Likewise, if I gently tap my lower ear cartilage I can hear it. I do hear the "creaks and pops" some too, and clicking my teeth ion that side of my mouth reports well in the operated ear. Did anyone else have this experience, or did everyone pretty much think everything was loud right after surgery? It does seem a bit luder ":inside" my head, but not dramatic like some people have listed.

Anyway, thanks.
I'VE HAD MY left ear SURGERY ON aUGUST 31ST, NO SIDE EFFECTS, NO PAIN, NO NAUSEA, NO DIZZINESS, 7 days later the packing was removed and I heard everything like it was coming from a big amplifier, lots of sounds but low quality, now I am 3 days later and the super hearing went away and I'm not better than before the surgery but I understand that about 30 days or more is needed. Let's see what happens.
Hello Bossio,

How is your hearing now ?

I had the surgery done (stapedotomy) to my left ear on Sept 10th. I too had no side-effects...slight dizziness for the first two days and that's all..everything was pretty loud for the first couple of days and the "loudness" disappeared...I called the doc and he said its because of the blood clotting and once he removes the packing..i might hear again...i do hear the heart beats and some cracking sounds in the operated ear. My follow-up visit (to get the packing removed) is tomorrow. I'm just curious to know how it will be like after the packing is gone ..!?
Hi Folks,
Well it's my time to chip in, 1.30 am worried it hasnt worked 8 days in.
Stapedotomy, for the last 4 hours I've been trawling through these pages and they've given me great relief.

All of the nasty side effects I've had, I'm still dizzy, weak and my ears blocked. I don't hear near anything on my operated side yet, other than the motorboat thats been installed in my head instead. Wind, tones that come and go or stay, whooshing, popping, crackling, pulsing, rumbling, humming (the boat) yep welcome aboard Captain Mals wonderful new motorboat I'm experiencing it all. lol...
We're in it together and thankfully others have said it. I'm not the only one... infact it seems quite a few of us haven't had the easy ride.

But it sounds as though it gets better or can be treated enroute. That really is fortunate....

Nadsgirl I know it's been a bit longer for you, but it's clear it's a longer road than we thought, or I certainly did.
Quick op, week off, back to normal, thats what my mum said hers was like...
yerr right...

Patience. faith. rest. these pages (of which I have now become part of) are here and it's a tonic. Imagine ops before the internet...

Hope it helps, does me, tired now, all aboard... night night...
Mal (Captain that is)

PS I am a real one..., wot, Captain, yerr, honest...really...
Day 24

Hi Again,
Once again a week made quite a difference.
I'm delighted to say the side effects are reducing.
The ears tuned up, that pitch shift went almost over night just after my last post. The unsteadyness to now is minimal.
My reconning the swellings reduced hence the tone improvement and pressure on the semi circular canals (the balance organs) controlling my balance.
I have to say the vertigo was hideous, I now have a new understanding and sympathy for anyone in pain and with vertigo. I never considered my balance before I had problems post surgery. Its the forgotten sense.... You're crippled without it.
Anyway enough of that....

Hearings not bad at all, loud enough, high tones not getting through low tones
loud and clear. Perfectly usable on the phone and augments my better ear very nicely. Constulant visit on Tuesday, will report back after.
Keep your pecker up...(uk phrase,) it gets better be patient and rest rest rest.
Give your the healing the best chance....
hey guymann,
can't sleep feel alone, desperate.
welcome to the gang. 3 months ago I was you.
trawling the net, then I found the site.
theyre masses of posts from me. I'm 3 months in
had all the side effects. bad vertigo for weeks real bad.
now settling in to better hearing not perfect but a whole lot better.
it's a long long wait but it'll happen. nobody told me about after.
your ear is badly swollen from major surgery it'll take months to begin
recovery. rest rest rest. get some good books and friends over.
your journey has begun.
all the best mal
[QUOTE=jonnohart;4677463]Hi Aussiegirl,
I would be very interested to know about your operation. Hope it has been a good week for you?

Jonno :wave:[/QUOTE]

Hey Jonno

Hope you're well. You probably haven't come to any decisions about your stapedectomy yet, it's a big decision to make. An important part is finding a really experienced surgeon, someone who's done hundreds of stapedectomy's. Things can go wrong with any surgery but obviously the chance of something going wrong at the hands of someone very experienced is minimal.

I've been to my GP twice over the last 3 days with side-effects from the IV steroids I was given when I was readmitted to hospital in January. Apparently the steroids stay in your system for ages hence the delayed side-effects. It seems like a powerful drug, but it actually did nothing to help with my hearing.

I remember you asked me whether I have kids & how this condition affects them. We don't have kids yet but were planning on starting a family once I had my surgery. But obviously things haven't gone to plan with the surgery so we're not sure where to from here. We've been married almost 12 years but I just kept putting the surgery off (saying I've been married 12 years makes me feel ancient!).

I've had no further improvement with my hearing, still nothing happening. The perilymphatic fistula is frustrating me, until it either heals or is operated on I'm very limited with what activities I can do. I'm finding it hard not being able to exercise, sitting around all day is driving crazy. My visit to the surgeon last week was pretty uneventful. I go back to see him again in 4 weeks. Hopefully he may have some suggestions when I see him then.

Take care
Aussie Girl

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