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Hi, not sure whether this thread is still active. I have a few questions for anyone out there who's had stapedectomy surgery.
Here's my story:
I've had otosclerosis in my right ear since i was very young, approx 20 years. It didn't have a huge impact on my life as I was able to make do with my left ear which had perfect hearing. All that changed approx 8 months ago. I came down with a bad ear infection in my good ear in April this year. Was treated with antibiotics etc however nothing seemed to clear the blocked/clogged feeling in my ear. Tried steroids etc but blocked feeling persisted. I seemed to have lost a great deal of hearing in my 'good ear' practically overnight. Went to my ear specialist & was advised otosclerosis had moved into my good ear. My hearing went bad very quickly and surgery seemed the only option (as both ears were now quite deaf). Had surgery last Wednesday ( 01 December) on my original bad ear (right ear). Specialist who did the surgery is known as being one of the best ear surgeons in Australia & I have total faith in his ability. It's now day 6 since surgery and I'm having all the expected post-surgery symptoms - vertigo/dizziness (especially when attempting to lay down or get up), light headed etc. My main concern is my unoperated seems to be totally blocked & muffled. Since I woke up following the surgery, I have barely been able to hear out of the either ear & it's causing me a lot of anxiety. My operated ear currently has no hearing at all (which I'm hoping is due to packing etc) but I'm very concerned about the loss of hearing in my good ear. It feels totally muffled & blocked. I mentioned it to the surgeon briefly immediately following surgery and he didn't seem overly concerned but the longer it goes on the more worried I get. Also, I have a great deal of numbness around the operation site. An area of approx 3inches above my ear & my entire ear is totally numb. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?? All replies will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
2 Months post my op.

Hey Australia girl, welcome to the gang. I felt exactly the same way as you.
My right ear was the operated one . My post op symptoms and anxiety were exactly the same. Have a look at my posts. Oh the vertigo.....:dizzy: I just went back to bed. Very unusual for me. I know its forever away. 2 weeks or so things will being to heal and start working. It very slowly improves from there. Vertigo's gone completely now and my operated ear works well, not perfectly but a lot better than before. Still have the clicking, ringing but that's all. I've got the best out of that ear I could hope for as its sound damaged too hence ringing. I'm sure you'll be pleased very soon. Yep the surgeons seem very unfussed at our worry. But I suppose it happens all the time.

Advice: Rest Rest Rest. Eat very well, all the food you like, give your body
the best opportunity.
Don't even consider working for at least one month I mean it... no
work, You've had a major op. You must rest, it's your one chance!!!
(the world will still turn, some one else can do it). Flying min 6 weeks.
Get some good entertainment and enjoy the rest, no exertion.
Noisy environments are going to be very uncomfortable as your
brains sorts out your new hearing, it starts loud but muffled
at first. No parties or pubs for a month. Friends can visit.
Relax.... Have faith, don't worry... it takes time, feels so long.

I know it drags, but after two month you'll stop thinking about it so much and be getting on with having fun again. You'll be fine for christmas. Be excited you'll be hearing again soon...

Mal :wave:
Hey Joshysgirl & Jonno
Joshysgirl, sorry to hear you've had a problem with your revision surgery. It just isn't fair that you got so close to a good result then it was all taken away. I've become a bit skeptical about stapedectomy's, my complications have been a nightmare & I can't stop thinking "if only I didn't have it done". But I guess if my surgery was successful I would be over the moon. It's just hard knowing that prior to surgery my hearing was semi ok, most people weren't even aware I had hearing loss. The otosclerosis moved into my good (unoperated) ear mid last year so that's when I made the decision to have the surgery. The operated ear had otosclerosis for many years but I could still hear out of it. The most upsetting part for me is the fact that my ear now has nerve damage so nothing can help the hearing. Once the cochlear nerve's damaged, the brain can't make out any words/sounds so therefore hearing aids aren't even an option. Also, though I can't hear out of the ear, when I'm near anything loud (music/loud tv etc), I get a weird high pitched static vibration in my ear. So even listening to tv is almost impossible. Plus I've developed the perilymphatic fistula which is causing all sorts of horrible symptoms such as vertigo, nausea, intense pressure in the ear & roaring/hissing tinnitis. Also, I have long, thick hair & I haven't been able to shower without the dreaded vaseline cotton ball since 01 December 2010!!! My ear hasn't been washed for two months & trying to wash my hair & keep the ear dry is driving me crazy.
Good luck with your audiology visit, If I were you I would go for a hearing aid. The nerve damage I acquired is extremely rare but there's a chance of it happening & once it happens nothing can be done. I wish I had of thought more about the possible complications prior to surgery. Please keep us updated on your progress.

Hey Jonno
Thanks for your positive words but as you can see from my above comment, the nerve damage I have from the surgery is not able to be corrected. I now have what's known as a permanent 'dead ear'.
Do you mind me asking whether you're thinking about the surgery for otosclerosis or do you have a different ear disease?
In regards to your question about whether losing my hearing will affect my job, unfortunately yes it has. I worked for the Federal Goverment & I've actually had to resign. I had been in my job 10 years but it's impossible to do it with such severe hearing loss. Also, I'm not sure when I will be well enough to start looking for another job as I still have the perilymphatic fistula (caused by the surgery) . It's been 2 months since my surgery & I still haven't been well enough to go back into my work to say good bye to the guys. I honestly thought I would have the surgery & be back at work within a week or two, I never imagined still being pretty much house-bound 2 months later.

My surgeon is in Sydney & operates out of St Vincents Private Hospital. He's an amazing surgeon & in no way do I blame him for my complications. It's just one of those things that can happen & unfortunately sometimes does happen. I see him again on Tuesday & I will post the outcome of my visit. I'm not sure what state you live in but theres a ENT surgeon at Gosford (NSW) who is very experienced with stapedectomy's & has never had a patient lose hearing, Dr Salmon. I saw him last week for a 2nd opinion & he was wonderful. I know several people who he's operated on & they all speak very highly of him.
Hope this info helps, please don't let me scare you off the surgery. I just wish I had of thought more about the possible complications. Let us know how you go.
All the best
Aussie Girl

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