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I just got home from a trip to Florida, and the day I left to go home I had this ringing sound in my left ear (not both ears). About 36 hours later, I still have it. It's not super loud or disturbing, and I can't hear it with everyday activities, just when there isn't much sound, but I would still like it to go away. I know that the buzzing is caused by Tinnitus, any chance that it will go away? Like I said, I haven't had it for too long, considering that some people have had it for years, so I'm hoping it's nothing big. Plus, I'm only 18, so hopefully that's good too.

EDIT: Just did some quick research and looked at the causes: loud noises, stress, and sinuses. I haven't been exposed to any hugely loud noises, I am not stressed, but I have been coming down with a bit of a cold. Nothing too serious; the cold came first, and the ringing about a day later. I'm hoping that it will go away with my cold. I didn't take any medication prior to getting the ringing sound.

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