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Hello all, like the title says, I've had pulsatile tinnitus in my right ear that sounds like a flushing noise that happens at the same time as my pulse. (This is kind of a longer post, but Id appreciate the help or insight)

I've also noticed that if I apply pressure to the blood vessels on the right side of my neck it will stop the flushing noise.

I have been to the ENT who gave me a hearing test (it was fine he said) and did an auscultation of my neck and base of my right ear (this is where he applied the stethoscope to listen to the blood vessels). He said he was trying to hear any aneurysms, but he didn't hear anything. He also asked me before if I had dizziness or vomiting, I told him no.

But, I should add in (and also told the ENT this) that the pulsatile tinnitus started after I had an infection in my intestines called c diff that was brought on by antibiotics. This infection causes diarrhea, bloody diarrhea (as the lining sheds and gets ruined), abdominal pains like I've never felt before, vomiting and nausea. The infection was cleared by another set of antibiotics.

Since that time, or right afterwards, I noticed the flushing noise in my ear, and have had some lingering issues with nausea (the GI told me people can have such digestive complaints afterwards for a while).

So, to summarize:
-1.5 years ago I got an infection from antibiotics
->had vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal pains
->infection cleared by more antibiotics (but some issues lingr like nausea)

-after that I noticed the flushing noise in my right ear
->had wax removed
->ENT did hearing test and auscultation

I asked the ENT if I should have scans done like a MRI/MRA, but he said no no that I don't need to. It just seems that everything I read on the internet leads to scans and some pretty scary things. (I forgot to mention that I've also noticed some blurred vision at times, ie: when walking around and moving my head around I sometimes get blurred vision).

I'm wondering if there are people here that can provide any insight or comments or similar experiences to possibly help me out in some form or another? I should also note that as I type this, I do not hear the flushing noise right now or most of the time, maybe because its really faint at times, but can when its quite at night or when turning my head, or bending down.

thank you very much

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