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Hello everyone

I have recently been diagnosed with otosclerosis following a referral to ENT and hearing tests and it has taken over my every thought!!! . My ENT consultant has now referred me for a MRI scan for confirmation of diagnosis and to check that there isn’t anything else going on in there.

He has given me 3 options (pending results of MRI):

1. To do nothing
2. Hearing aid
3. Surgery

My symptoms are – hearing loss, tinnitus and I am getting a feeling of fullness/pressure in my ear with a bit of ear ache, as if there was some wax build up there – although I know there isn’t any wax and I know the pressure of my ear is OK because they did that pressure test during my hearing tests. I do suffer from TMJ though (not officially diagnosed, but my dentist suggested it a few years ago) and I wonder if that might be causing the ear pain. I’ve read through some of the internet sites regarding this condition and it doesn’t mention ear pain as being a symptom of otosclerosis. Have any of you experienced ear pain??????

The ENT consultant has said that according to my hearing test results, my hearing loss is currently mild enough to either leave it or have an hearing aid. But he has asked me to consider the surgery option and let him know if I want to go down that route when I see him after my MRI scan – again subject to results of MRI scan.

I really need some help regarding the surgery option. Let me start of my saying that I am an absolute baby when it comes to anything medical. I faint at an injection, get panic attacks when I am going to the dentist or anywhere, can’t speak when I get there – I’m just a mumbling wreck. I even faint when people tell me about procedures……

So – the surgery option is really freaking me out!! I know that there are bigger things out there and that this is only a minor condition compared to what other people are going through.

But I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer some questions for me…

Is the operation carried out under a general or local anaesthetic

If its local – how do they numb the ear - if it’s an injection – can they/would they use drops first to numb the area slightly before sticking the needle in (I’m getting all hot and bothered just typing this)…

I’m really worried that I wont sit still for them during the op because of fainting and out of fear. Can they sedate me. If so – how is that done???????????????

Also - removal of packing from ear canal.... is that painful. I've heard it's really bad for the sinus operation - is it the same?

thank you for any help you can give me

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