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Had my stapedectomy revision today. Wow, totally different experience than my first. I think the first was doomed from the start.

While Dr. Jackler would have preferred to do this with a local and conscious sedation, I was more comfortable with general so that what we did. I'm glad we opted for that. When he went in, he found the prosthetic stapes completely unattached and not even in my middle ear. It was resting against my ear drum with scar tissue surrounding it. He spent an hour with a laser just to get rid of the scar tissue and get the prosthesis out! I haven't had a chance to talk much with him yet but he talked to my husband after. I believe everything went well after that. He put in a completely different style of prosthesis. According to the notes they gave me, I have an incision behind my ear and one in the ear canal. Not sure what for yet. I checked out about an hour after I came to. With my first procedure in 2007 I woke up feeling so awful and ended up staying the night. This time around, I feel fine, just like I have an ear infection and sleepy. no dizziness, no nausea (knock on wood!). However, my notes from my last time did say that I felt like days one and two were like a honeymoon period, so we'll see in a few days. I haven't heard that pounding sound yet either! I bet I'm full of drugs still now though so time will tell. I have not taken anything since leaving Stanford this morning though. I'm not noticing any additional nerve damage either and everything tastes fine.

This doctor's instructions are a tad different than the last guy too, no lifting more than five pounds, no leaning over. The packing comes out on Tuesday (just five days later!). I had it in for weeks last time!

Just thought I'd update you all in case anyone is considering a stapedectomy or a revision. My second time around so far has been a much better experience. I really believe physician experience is CRUCIAL! I really regret ever going to the first guy.

I'm already hearing things! I hear whispers even. I hear direction, like where sound is coming from, It doesn't feel like I just don't have a right ear anymore! The sound in my operated ear has slightly more 'base' to it though and less high pitch sound.And this is with packing in, cotton ball and a bandage over my entire ear! I'm afraid to stay hopeful though after last time! If this works though, I'm giving Dr. Jackler a HUUUUUGE hug! Oh and Stanford has a new surgery center - it's GORGEOUS and state of the art! Dr. Jackler mentioned that it was a good thing I had my surgery there today because many facilities are not equipped with the type of laser he needed to use today.

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