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I agree that a lot of the stories about stapedectomies seem scary, but those stories were very helpful to me because they let me know what to expect when I healed. I would have freaked out otherwise!

But...I do have a good story for you. Are you ready?? ;)

I have never had more than 20% of my hearing in my right ear. My whole life I have had to ask people to repeat themselves and have had to hold the phone receiver to my left ear, or turn my left ear toward people to hear. I was told when I was a young teen that there was nothing that they could do to fix it. There was an operation (I now know is the stapedectomy), but it was a 50% chance that I would lose all of my hearing in that ear. I'm now 32 years old, and I married a man who is very quiet when he talks. Not being able to hear him has really upset I asked about the stapedectomy.

Long story short...I was able to get mine done on the 16th of this month. And yesterday I went in for my first post-op appointment. I was having a bit of pain the day before and yesterday, and the doc said it was probably because the packing was drying he removed it!! When he did, it was like he was pulling a cork out of my ear. I could hear!!!! I cried on and off the whole 2 hour drive home- but tears of happiness. My ear has plugged a bit today, but it will take about another month for the swelling to go down. So, there you have it. I'm hearing things in stereo for the first time in my life! Very happy right now.

I wish you all luck with your stapedectomies. Feel free to ask me any questions as you go through it. Thank you!

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