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Hi Newbie,
I have never had the both ears clogged at the same time that must be terrible for you. What are you taking. I am alot better then I was with it but notice when I wake in the mornings when I run my fingers at the back of the ear you can feel it all blocked. I used to poke a cotton wool bud in there but the Dr told me it was the wrong thing to do but it cleared it. I had my ears cleaned not so long ago that helped but was told not alot of wax in them at all so no need to have it done for a couple of friend who is a naturpath has told me it is from an allergy like dust and chemicals. known as allergic rhinitis. I know I cant stand chemical sprays and if near them the throat burns then the ear gets blocked. Also happens when under stress. and the TMJ as well. I keep drinking plenty of water and try to avoid the triggers that make it worse. The excercises in the book of taking control of TMJ has really helped. Have you read that book? This site is good as it connects you to other people who have the same problems and that we arent alone. Doctors seem to want to give you stuff all the time to mask the problem instead of looking at the cause. I think I know enough about it now to help myself.I have also just had dental implants last week in the lower jaw and was so scared it was going to make the TMJ worse but it hasnt at all so I am thrilled about that. I hope you find a solution to your clogged ears as well as sometimes you feel like you are going deaf and you have to ask people to repeat themselves to you. Are you like that?

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