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I am a 41 yo healthy male.... On Monday afternoon 10/11/2010 after returning from a mountain bike ride I noticed a buzzing in my right ear and followed blocked feeling in that ear. The buzzing continues and I can't hear well out of this ear. I have also felt a lot of pressure on that side of my head. My balance is fine. Have not had a cold in some time.

First went to my primary care Dr. on Wed. He prescribed a round of antibiotics, since his first thought was an ear infection. Been taking these for 3 days now. Also, went to the ENT dr yesterday and he confirmed that I have mild hearing loss in one ear. They did a Otoacoustic Emission Test and it was abnormal in both ears. One more than the other. Have a MRI scheduled for Monday.

I start reading the things it could be and I am scared. I am having a hard time functioning and have not been in work all week. Not sure there is much anyone could do to help me... Also, the buzzing is driving me crazy.

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