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For a couple years I've been getting constant middle ear infections. Finally, a specialist diagnosed me with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. We decided since I would be living overseas for a year to insert baby tubes into my ear so they could properly drain. They used the ones they usually put into children and after about two years they fall out.

I can now hear, but my problem is I'm overseas for a year. I got the tubes placed back in America about two weeks ago.

Ever since than I've had a persistent ringing in my ears that won't go away and last night for the first time I heard a whooshing in my right ear, almost like the wind, I figure out it was my heartbeat I was hearing, but I've never heard it quite like that. I looked up on the internet about these symptoms and what I read indicated that it's for people who have clogged ears, but that seems impossible because I have tubes in my ears. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem? What one would recommend I do.

Right now I'm overseas teaching for a year and I'm wondering if I should just wait this out, or I should try to contact a specialist so soon after getting the tubes placed in my ear (about two weeks ago).

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