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My three week mark was this past Friday...I too have to say that things seem to have changed for me from then to today. I called my dr. Thurs. evening because I had the worse congestion in my nose and just didn t feel myself. He prescribed an anti-biotic and also said start on nasal decongestion. Still dealing with the worse head cold but getting better.....Well...seems like my hearing also has improved. I also had that ear pop yesterday with one of my many sneezes..and I was able to sit on the couch and actually hear the tv last about feeling so much better. My doctor also said the same thing about the packing inside the ear when I went to him to get the packing out. I guess he really packed it for added support he said so I guess all the shampoo popping in my ear is how I describe it must be that...I now feel so much better just knowing that something has changed. I think I was expecting that sonic hearing right after the packing came out and was so disappointed. Student Ryan I am sooo happy that things have started to change for you . I too felt like my ears just could not pop and clear out but I now know they will in time being I felt it already twice so far....WOW!!! Feels good to know I am on my way
I'm glad my posts are helping you! Please only try popping your ears when you are ready! As I said I just semi-popped mine 1 day ago (more than 1.5 months since the surgery). Part of the waiting was fear that it would mess something up (I just went back to the gym yesterday too! I'm overly cautious, but it IS my hearing) and part of it was thinking "what if this doesn't work, then I will feel like I have no options that might make me feel better". Let me know when/if and what happens if you decide to pop your ears.

As I said, I've never had a tube in my ear but it seems like they just make a small incision in your ear drum and then place a small tube to keep it open for a while. The ear drum begins to heal and the tube just falls out. It's meant to clear the fluid from your middle ear which causes the pressure feeling. It seems like a very small procedure compared to Stapedectomies!

I almost thought of asking my doctor to perform this procedure before agreeing to stapedectomy as the symptoms were very similar to what I was experiencing. But 3 different ear specialists (two of which are associated with the two universities in my state) all said it was Otosclerosis and the stapedectomy would work.

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