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I had a stapedotomy on 2/07 for Otosclerosis. I have a couple questions :

When will I be able to play tennis ?
When can I go back to weight training ?
When can I ride my motorcycle again ?
How much longer do I need to plug my ear when showering ?
When will my taste return and my dry mouth and metal taste go away ?
What do I need to be careful doing to make sure I don't screw up the implant in the future ?

My experience with surgery went like this:
I woke up from surgery and threw up, I was dizzy and sick for the first couple of hours after surgery. Since I normally throw up 24 hrs after anesthesia they gave me a gerd medicine and put a motion sickness patch behind my ear before surgery. I think the motion sickness patch helped me from being too dizzy for a few days after surgery.

I had mild pain for about 3 days. On the 9th day the packing was sucked out - that was not fun. It sounded terrible and felt strange. After the packing was removed everything echoed. Everything seemed very loud. I could only hear noise and could not really pick out sounds if I was in a loud environment. After another week the echoing got better and I did not startle as easily.

My hearing is not bad. The ringing seems to vary day to day and my hearing seems to vary every day.

The drops that were prescribed after surgery cost $130 ! The hospital bill totaled 19k, the contracted price with insurance was $4500. The surgeon cost with insurnace was 1300. I have a $5k deductable, maxed it out for this year.

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