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Re: Hearing loss
Mar 11, 2011
[QUOTE=adeel1986;4701447]i have hearing loss due to nerve damage said by ENT , is there any way to recover ear nerve...?[/QUOTE]

As of right now there is no way to recover the nerve. I have a question though for others who will read this thread. I have a mixed loss in my left ear due to a fall. Most people call the sensorineural loss a "nerve" loss, but that's isn't really true, is it? An issue with the cochlea is could be the problem, not the actual nerve itself, right? Either way, neither is repairable from I've seen.

When I landed, unconscious, on the left side of my head I dislocated the bones of the ear. Woke up after the fall with a hearing loss. Seems though that I also have a nerve loss too, and I''m not sure if it was pre-fall or not. The doctor's I've seen seem to think it was pre-existing to some degree because to damage the auditory nerve without damaging the facial never based on where my head impacted was close to impossible. I could have damaged the cochlea I suppose, hence my wondering why sensorineural loss is called nerve loss.

So, I am going to have surgery to realign the bones but may still end up needing a hearing aid due to the sensorineural loss. There is no history of hearing loss in my family, although my son has otosclerosis but hearing issues run in my husband's family.

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