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Weird...I could not see any other posts from you since we spoke last. Wonder where it went... LOL

I am hanging in is really hard I will be honest with you. I have my ups and downs. I am using the nasal spray and the pressure is not as often as it was but still there. I still hear popping noises crunching in my weird. sometimes when I yawn and close my jaw tight I hear a crunchy sound in the ear I was getting this before and thought it was the gel in there dissolving making this sound..but not sure now what it is.....And this is the weirdest since Tuesday I am now experiencing static almost I guess I would describe it as in my ear.. Talk about driving you crazy...sometimes it is really loud other times not so bad. This morning I woke up and I swear my hearing was so bad...couldn t hear anything and my ear felt so clogged. and at times..feels like something is in my ear. I actually read a post from another that had the same symptoms that I am experiencing but it was old and I could not ask her anything about what happened later.

I go back to my doctor in three weeks and I really need to bring this all up to him... I am grasping straws here but I wonder what your hearing is like if your presthesis slipped or is out of wack so to say. 2 days after surgery I had the worse head cold with congestion in my sinus'..sneezing. I called him to see what I could take. I know he spoke about an xray but he just wants to get the dizziness under control first but I plan on asking at my next visit to get one scheduled...I have also scheduled an appointment with my primary to see if any of the dizziness might be high blood pressure from all this stress...I still do have the dizzy spell if i am laying on my backand turn my head to the right side(op ear) but it passes in a few mins.

sounds like your hearing is getting better each day. Being able to hear on the phone is great and you still have stuff in your ear wow.... Remember don t get to caught up in the posts here...everyone is different and sometimes I find myself more bummed after reading it...don t allow yourself to go there....

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