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Hi everyone, my story might seem simliar to some, but please take a moment to see if anyone can offer me some help.

About 3 years ago i had a popping in my left ear, i kept me up that night, i went to the dr the next day and was given the dx of ETD. He put me on affrin nose spray and the sound went way 3 days later, i had no more issues for 3 years.

Then about 2 weeks ago it started happening again. I went out and bought some affrin, and 3 days went by, no luck. So i went back to the dr. He again said it was ETD and put me on Nasonex and zyertc. I did this for 3 days, and nothing helped, i called him back, and he put me on prednesone, 60mg for 3 days, 40mg for 3 days and then 20mg for 4 days. After the 3 days with no help i called back and saw a different dr.

This one i offered that maybe this isn't etd and possibly muscle related, he said he had never heard of it, but would be willing to try. So he put me on 1000mg amoxicillin twice a day and 10mg of flexiril 3 times a day, and 2mg of lunesta at night (to try and sleep since i hadn't slept more than 2 hours a night for many days).

So last night i took the amoxcillin, zytec, 10mg of flexiril and 2mg of lunesta and did get a "decent" nights sleep.

This morning i wake up, ear is fluttering away, i make it through most of the day at work with minimal to no fluttering, then about 2pm it starts, so i take a 5mg flexiril and it seems to go away for a few hours.

Now its about 10pm, i just took 10mg of the flexiril and 2mg of the lunesta hoping to sleep tonight, but i'm reading online (sometimes bad) that this may not just go away, but the dr's i'm seeing seem to think its temporary and not a big deal.

I am not in any pain, thank god, but i can't sleep because of the noise and concentrating at work is nearly impossible some times.

One odd thing, if i put in an ear plug in my right ear, some times this eliminates the noise, which to me made me think it was ETD due to pressure differences, but then on the other hand i've taken the zyrtec and the nasonex and feel my noise is pretty clear, so how can the tubes still be blocked?

Does anyone have any advice for me?


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