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Hi Everyone,
I finally brokdown and decided to post my issue on a forum to see if someone had a similar problem or just would like to offer their thoughts.

I am a 26 M with and have been having ear troubles, here are my symptoms and timelines.

In my childhood I had Tube in Left ear/ear infections, my ears always pop and i use the Valsalva maneuver to "de-pop" the ear but never any other problems. In Nov 10’ I had my first ear infection in my left ear, given antibiotics. Hearing loss was still present in left ear was told I had ETD and was given predizone and continued to use flonase. In March my ear specialist told me I was "diagnosed with retraction pocket in left ear" which would be the reason for my hearing loss and ringing.

2 weeks ago I have started to have trouble with my right ear it's been popping, pressure wont equalize. I've been taking decongestants, flownase, antihistamines. It's gotten really bad and I have a lot of negative pressure in the right ear (left ear doesn't even hold pressures anymore). I can’t manually pop the right ear with the Valsalva maneuver. I went to my doctor and was given antibiotics for a possible sinus infection.

I believe the right ear drum is collapsing into the middle ear like the left. Every time I swallow I have clicking/crunching sounds in both ears. I feel this is air going through the E-tube.

I've very concerned I'm going to go completely def, it is possible to hear with both ear drums collapsed? I'm starting to get anxiety and this is all I can think of. My parents and girlfriend are supportive however I just want to see if anyone else has had these conditions. I don’t know where else to go…Looking at research online it appears surgery on the ear drum is very risk which trying to correct retraction pockets.

I have an apt with my ear specialist on Monday and another one on the 18th with a different specialist for second opinion.

I try to tell myself not to think about it because the anxiety & stress I am putting on myself may be making it worse. I wonder if the stress is closing my e-tubes.

Thanks for listening

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