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Hi Everyone,
I finally brokdown and decided to post my issue on a forum to see if someone had a similar problem or just would like to offer their thoughts.

I am a 26 M with and have been having ear troubles, here are my symptoms and timelines.

In my childhood I had Tube in Left ear/ear infections, my ears always pop and i use the Valsalva maneuver to "de-pop" the ear but never any other problems. In Nov 10’ I had my first ear infection in my left ear, given antibiotics. Hearing loss was still present in left ear was told I had ETD and was given predizone and continued to use flonase. In March my ear specialist told me I was "diagnosed with retraction pocket in left ear" which would be the reason for my hearing loss and ringing.

2 weeks ago I have started to have trouble with my right ear it's been popping, pressure wont equalize. I've been taking decongestants, flownase, antihistamines. It's gotten really bad and I have a lot of negative pressure in the right ear (left ear doesn't even hold pressures anymore). I can’t manually pop the right ear with the Valsalva maneuver. I went to my doctor and was given antibiotics for a possible sinus infection.

I believe the right ear drum is collapsing into the middle ear like the left. Every time I swallow I have clicking/crunching sounds in both ears. I feel this is air going through the E-tube.

I've very concerned I'm going to go completely def, it is possible to hear with both ear drums collapsed? I'm starting to get anxiety and this is all I can think of. My parents and girlfriend are supportive however I just want to see if anyone else has had these conditions. I don’t know where else to go…Looking at research online it appears surgery on the ear drum is very risk which trying to correct retraction pockets.

I have an apt with my ear specialist on Monday and another one on the 18th with a different specialist for second opinion.

I try to tell myself not to think about it because the anxiety & stress I am putting on myself may be making it worse. I wonder if the stress is closing my e-tubes.

Thanks for listening
Thanks for the response!

I found a great specialist, I went see him twice.

On Monday I had a CT scan and hearing test. Here is the status.

1. Left ear - Confirmed Retraction pocket and he did find a small perforation (other specialist did not see the perforation), no signs of cholesteatoma. Doctor said it's a 50:50, I may develop cholesteatoma in the retraction pocket in the future (perforation increases the risk). Hs said he could perform a Tympanoplasty. They would enter behind my ear and cut out the lower half of the retraction and reconstruct it with tissue. The audiologist said she thinks the hearing loss is conductive (no nerve damage) - I forgot to ask my doctor about the hearing test, originally he told me with the Tympanoplasty would not change change my hearing, however if it's conductive the Tympanoplasty should help? I'll have to ask him again before the operation. I'm a bit worried about getting the operation, but it seems I should bite the bullet now because it will be much harder to treat if cholesteatoma sets in. I'm just worried the hearing and ringing will get worse after the operation --- or maybe it could get better?

2. Right Ear - No cholesteatoma, Ear is healthy - he said all the popping could be to the overuse of decongestants, weight loss (which I have had), stress (which I have had) or not enough liquids (dehydration). He said he thinks this will go back to normal on it's own. He originally though an abnormality in the balance bones (?) could cause these symptoms however the CT scan show the bones looked fine. It still pops almost every time I drink and I have to sniff to correct it (so annoying).

I keep worrying it's something more - like an infection they can't see, but the CT scan, MRI's and one of the 4 specialist I think would have picked up on it.

So all in all things look like they will get better.

Also -Just got engaged! I think that was stressing me out much more than I though. Now the wedding planning!


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