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Hi Fantine!

Very happy to hear that the ear is healing well and that the hearing is better in the newly operated ear.

You seem like you have similar concerns to me post-op. I didn't have higher and lower frequencies when my packing was removed. My ear however is crackling alot and is rather squelchy.

I'm actually happy to report that I had a little 'pop' Today and the clarity of my hearing in that hear improved somewhat. It's definitely better than in my good ear through most ranges (except the really low), and given the loss in my previously better ear (left) was only in the 25db range. I shouldn't be complaining or perhaps stressing as I am. I suppose like everyone I hope that I get the maximum result possible given all the stress and anxiety that can be associated with first the hearing loss, and then actually deciding to undertake the procedure.

The only thing for me that hasn't improved thus far is the tinnitus (ringing). I get it quite badly in both ears, and where the ring is lower and hard to discern in my left ear, it is higher pitched at present and more pronounced in my recently operated right ear. My ENT did indicate that it should moderate as my ear heals. I very much hope that is the case. :)

All the best as you recover further and I hope the outcome is one that changes life for the better. Keep me posted of your progress, and of course ask me any questions you might have.

I'm still hoping there might be someone out there with a similar experience to mine. Be great to have hope that my hearing will improve some more, and that the tinnitus will be less pronounced or noticable.

Oh before I forget I was also prescribed drops with 3mg/ml of Cipropraxin for 10 days. That seems standard procedure. The drops tend to lessen then perception of any improvement in hearing I have noted because of the fluid and build up. I recall from my first op though that this tends to subside within a days or weeks after you finish the drops.

Take care all!

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