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G'day Everyone.

I just wanted to start by pointing out how helpful and encouraging the information everyone is sharing on these boards. It's probably the best resource I have found thus far regarding the Stapedectomy procedure and outcomes.

The reason I am posting is that I want to see if someone out there has had a similar experience to my own, and may be able to help by indicating what I might expect as I recover from my Stapedectomy (2nd - Right ear).

I had my first Stapedectomy on my Left ear 10 years ago. This procedure wasn't without complication, the surgeon actually broke my stapes footplate, but given his experience was able to repair it, further, there was alot of scraping done inside my canal to insure an adeqaute view given my canals are narrow. Post operation I had no sickness, a little dizziness, and due to the scraping there was a expected amount of swelling and pain.

10 days after the operation the packing was removed with a significant improvement in hearing across most ranges - infact everything was extremely loud. The hearing improvement was somewhat muffled due to drops I had to instil in my ear, however my greatly increased hearing returned a week or so after completion of the course of antibiotic drops.

Long term the hearing is rather good in the ear, and has probably moderated slightly, as my brain adjusted to the sounds. The only concern I have is a slight increase in my perception of tinnitus in that ear over time.

On 29th of March 2011 I had a stapectomy performed on my right ear (the other ear). This operation was without complication, and was in the words of the surgeon 'Perfect'. Immediately post-op, there was no dizziness, no sickness, limited pain, and the given the lack of complications swelling was also limited, although there seems to be a little more discharge and dried blood than I remembered with my first op.

10 days after the operation (Fri 8th April 2011) I had the packing removed from the ear, and noted an improvement in the hearing. I had a quick audiogram at this point which indicated that hearing was probably 10-15 db better than my left ear - a seemingly good result.

Where the hearing does seem better in the mid ranges, I do not have the significantly loud or clarity of the low and high ranges that I experienced after my operation on my left ear. While the hearing is better in the mid ranges in my recently operated right ear than in my left, I do not seem to have the low ranges (You know, the low humming airy sounds) in my right than I do in my left.

Given all this my questions are as follows:
Has anyone had a stapedectomy in both ears, and had both ears recover to near normal hearing, although the recovery was different?
Given my right ear is still a little squelchy and crackly, is there a possibility that the low ranges will come to me, when my canal and area around my prosthesis has more time to heal?
Has anyone had an experience where an ear has taken time (more than 2 weeks) to 'pop' or to realise the full extent of improvement?

Thanks everyone! Stories and comments very much appreciated.

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