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Re: Staplectomy
Apr 26, 2011
Hi Nedine! Thanks for the replies :)

I'm very happy to hear that your ear seems to have sorted itself out. So very happy you can hear through both ears - It makes a massive difference to everything.

I also totally understand being upset by your situation. Despite all the good things doctors try to do, it is very difficult at times to feel grateful for what we do have of our hearing. I always get through each day thinking it could always be worse. I struggle with my hearing, and even though I have far better hearing than I once did, the Tinnitus gets to me. I still have a high pitched ring in my recently operated ear. So I am very much hoping my perception of it lessens and my hearing ranges improve to moderate it.

To answer your question, my ear seems to be slowly improving, although it's still crackly, and often itchy inside the canal, and feels fluid filled most of the time. Still the hearing is good so I try to keep smiling, which is me anyway :)

Does anyone know if going to the cinema 4 weeks after the operation would do any damage given the volume and sound? My doctor doesn't seem too stressed about noise exposure infact he says the ear needs to learn to hear again. I had an ear plug in to lessen the sound, and it wasn't at all painful...but I am paranoid the sound wsan't the best thing. Any thoughts?

Nedine - So sorry to hear that the situation is upsetting you at times. I hope the hearing that you now sense, stays and continues to improve. If you need to get anything out, that's what we are here for :)

Take Care.

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