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Hi everyone! I was wanting to share my experience to see if anyone else has had a similar story to share. My hearing started to decline in 2008, first starting with tinnitus in my left ear and leading up to moderate hearing loss in both ears by 2010. I was diagnosed with otosclerosis and I chose to have the surgery done this year. I feel my hearing is worse in my right ear so I wanted to start with that one first.

I was told by my doctor I was a good candidate and he did not foresee any issues occuring so of course I was excited and had my hopes up. Nearly 2 wks ago I went in for the surgery and woke up feeling a little light headed but not in much pain. I had a bandage over my ear so I figured the surgery had taken place. Much to my surprise I later find out the surgery was stopped because my facial nerve was covering too much of the stapes bone. Supposedly I have one of the lowest facial nerves the surgeon had ever seen and he was not comfortable with proceeding with the surgery. It was not a laser surgery by the way.

I guess I am wondering if anyone else had a similar experience and went on to have a successful surgery later? I am now facing the options of:

(a) let them go back and explore my left ear to see if the facial nerves on that side are different

(b) talk with a laser surgeon to see if they can perform the surgery on my right ear

(c) opt for hearing aids and hope they will help me

I am open to another surgery but at this point I'm scared by the thought of having facial paralysis. Any thoughts??

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