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I'm really scared.

After taking a shower, i did like i always do and cleaned my ears out. well when i was cleaning my right ear, i accidentally jabbed the left side of the inside of my ear and then everything got really muffled in that ear. (but i don't even feel like i went that far in my ear?) I started to panic! (this was just 10-15 mins ago) I started to notice that my right ear is swollen but it DOES NOT HURT. no pain whatsoever.

my left ear hearing is fine. my mom & sister both told me to wait until monday because they said that it's probably wax, i hit the ear drum too hard or it's water trapped.

It feels like i have a earplug in my right ear. I'm just really nervous. going deaf is my worst fear. when i googled this, a lot of people said to see a doctor right away and the other percentage of people said to wait it out for a day and if it's still muffled, then see a doctor.

im 18. im really scared :(

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