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Re: Staplectomy
May 10, 2011
Hi Nedine!

Of course I am no ENT, but given it's been 6 weeks now since your Stapedectomy (I had mine exactly the same day ;) ), I would think it is very unlikely that your cold has dislodged the piston. My understanding is that where such areas of the body a delicate and take their time to heal back fully to a optimal function, the body heals around the prosthesis very quickly and 6 weeks in only extreme or sudden pressure change or trauma is likely to dislodge it.

It's very likely the hearing loss and fullness is a result of pressure changes in your ear. Ive noted when you have a stapedectomy, you awareness of pressure changes in the ear is a little more elevated. My ears are popping and seemingly clogging up all the time without a cold. So anything like Sinus or nasal blockage to even inflammation will cause an effect. If you have a cold I would recommend keeping water out of the recently operated ear, as infections are common post a cold or virus.

The cold aside, I hope the hearing has been great, and you are recovering well. :)
Let me know how you are when the evil cold leaves you alone :)
Speaking of cold, it's freezing here in Sydney, coldest May week in many years. You will laugh when I say that cold here in Australia is when it gets below 10c overnight.


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