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First and foremost, i was born 70% deaf in my left ear.. For reasons unknown, my "father" waited until i was 18 to take me to the doctor about it... needless to say, i got the surgery. after i got home, I couldn't do a damn thing on my own. i even needed assistance in the bathroom and getting dressed. *misery* long story short, for the past 5 years since the surgery, i've been suffering with a constant high pitched ringing in my left ear which i COULD be thankful for cause at least i can hear it, but I'm NOT cause i'd rather be deaf and my equilibrium is shot to sh*t. also, 2 years after the surgery i decide i wanna join the military.. i passed every test with flying colors.. except the hearing test which i took twice and tried to get a waiver from dr but was denied. so i was denied entrance into the military... in a nutshell, my Stapedectomy experience sucks more than i could ever express. by the way, the ringing i was talkin about sounds more like... ya know that sound when a microphone gets too close to a speaker? that sound right there is the only "audible" difference the Stapedectomy has made.
thank you for reading my rant. hope its usefull to someone :D

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